Battle 57 Listening and Voting

Hi All!
So… We have 5 titles to vote for:

Thanks a lot guys for participating and liking the challenge, apparently some of you rediscovered the qualities of their forgotten gear, me included :slight_smile:





And mine, which is not eligible for voting :smile:

Let’s us vote until next (american) Saturday. It’s the 15th.

E V E R Y O N E of the forum is allowed to vote!!!

Hey @yoof, please announce this. Thank you!

@mixrasta I think I missed something. how come your is not eligible?

@KOHLBERG Because he’s the battle host and rule-maker.

Made a playlist for better listening convenience… :wink:

Thank you @motone. It’s funny how some tracks fit together.

It’s pretty hard to vote, all tracks have their charm.
Mine will go to @motone’s “GenreRaid” that really make good use of the soundscapes offered by the Grenadier.

@motone said:
@KOHLBERG Because he’s the battle host and rule-maker.

ahhh I see.

@motone was a very close second for me, but my vote goes to @kln. Three Twelves gets me hyped. It’s growly and ominous, and then funky and bright, and morphs seamlessly. It’s completely dope.

All these tracks are great guys! This was a fantastic idea for a battle. I even got my old Casio VA-10 out, but didn’t get anything recorded… Maybe it will fit into another battle at some point.

My vote goes to:

@kln Three Twelves - just connected with that one the most, the others were excellent as well, hard time choosing.


Every track is a gem. Hard to decide…

“Sleap on it”: Usually I’m not into that downbeat stuff, but this track is awesome. I love that chilled out aura and the tape fiddeling. Nice scratching.
“Well, I never…”: Solid track, but for me it does not beat the first one.

@kln Massive bass growl and nice brass sample, the beat is dope. Great track.

@LyingDalai Your track has really great progressions, the sounds are great, too.

@mixrasta: Niiiiice track, I feel like sitting in that bus cruising along into that well deserved holiday…

As already mentioned, it’s a hard decision: “Sleap On It” by @KOHLBERG gets my vote, with @kln and @LyingDalai being close second.

So… I guess we have a winner !

Poll is still open until Sunday (Dec 15th)

Oh. My mistake!

Still time to vote, operators !!

Good stuff all around! Great brief and great work. Casting my vote for “Sleap on it” by @KOHLBERG

So amazing these tunes.
Busy week ahead but will get my vote in.

Voting for Well I Never. Then I’ll be listing to 40oz. To Freedom for the next week straight!

i might have voted for bus du sud, had it been eligible! instead i’ll give it to sleap on it

@Plague said:
Voting for Well I Never. Then I’ll be listing to 40oz. To Freedom for the next week straight!


Thank you @moonlit_scents for liking it! By the way, my old friend arrived in Valencia with his camion bus, ha!

My vote goes for @KOHLBERG Well I never…!!
Hard to choose between the two. Love the light jolly vibes of your 1st track, but the darker,dusty 2nd had beautiful counterparts and voice samples.
Deffo throw that scratch technique into the tips and tricks with the CWO :slight_smile:

Honorable mention to @Motone - loved your Techno work out plus everyone else, so well done for delivering such high standard and taking part.
Brilliant brief @mixrasta!!

I like all the tracks and I give my vote to @LyingDalai. The beat is tough and funky broken. Also it reminds me of Luke Vibert, which is one of my all time favorites. It’s only a loop that doesn’t get boring!

So we have 2 winners @KOHLBERG and @kln if I was counting it right, close before @motone, @LyingDalai and @KOHLBERG again.

I was also super astonished by the crazyness of @motone 's track. Very wiggly and full of energy!

@kln, your track is a solid work on the drums that are designed or sampled like I always want but seldom do, ha!

The two entries of @KOHLBERG have this easy light approach, as if you were just laying them down in a few minutes
Congrats to everyone!

Thanks a lot for contributing, very good tracks! :slight_smile: Looking forward for the next battle!

Oh, @mixrasta, Vibert is a great reference, thank you. I am not very familiar, I’ll dig into it deeper :slight_smile:

Congratulations operators, especially to our two winners !
And thank you very much @mixrasta for making my Shruthi-1 exciting like a new toy :wink: