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@kln dig the middle section, the fwd/reverse hat and pulsing sub really bounce

@ssam fun ! if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have guessed this was the op-1 (except the DNA dead giveaway…), a different style than i normally see with it, nice.
and the only one to share original source material!

@Gambler aggressive, nice. maybe something to re-revisit in another zillion years?

@psound74 great filter sweeps, what did you use for the sounds in the first half? i’m getting some chemical brothers vibes, but maybe that’s just because i’ve had no geography on repeat the past week… (also i love the hit at the 40s mark)

@KOHLBERG punchy, the pauses/stutters keep a good drive. cool foley-type sample.

my vote is between the first half of @psound74’s and @ssam, but in the end it definitely has to go to @ssam, i really enjoyed the arrangement, plus fun to hear the 20yo origins alongside

Hi all,
Enjoyed these…my vote goes for glossiness of production (and the sound effect that seems like a slide projector???) is @KOHLBERG’s tune “Listless”

@beefinator, 3 tracks on the sweep part of my tune:

  1. i used the “hidden” filter effect with cutoff (blue) modulated by LFO (element = envelope) on Cluster
  2. second track with the “hidden” Iter synth and Tremolo LFO
  3. the vocal sound is a sample of me singing “aahhh”


ah, makes sense, I thought it sounded totally unfamiliar… (never unlocked iter/filter)

Sorry, it was “hidden”. Fixed:

As for voting, after hearing @ssam 's track I pretty much gave up on this battle, so No Longer Melloncollie get my vote. It reminds me of some good indie tracks I listened to in early 2Ks on one of the first music hosting websites.

@psound74 - nice sound design.

@beefinator - the fwd / reverse hat is a long open HH sample, with LFO around 5 or 6. I was quite pleased with this effect, so thanks for noticing.

@others ----- still listening. some great stuff here. voting soon.

bang it to all, but I gotta give some out of the ordinary credit and a hard-to-the-core vote to @KOHLBERG

cut up effects so effectively utilized on your beat, mate. reminds me of the Kid Cudi poke her face Kanye re-edit where the release is so choppy on the drum beat, it makes my headphones thump. but also like a Dre beat with some steely vibes and bass, almost a touch Radiohead.

dude you coming up.

I appreciate all entries, but really hand-clapping on this one.

@ssam you get my vote. You were the truest to the nature of the battle, made the unit sound like a full blown DAW, and even had the balls to rock some vocals. Great work man :+1:

PS @kln thanks for that bro! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words ! :slight_smile: it’s taken me a while to decide who to vote for … I think it’s got to be @kohlberg for such a really alive sounding beat.

A close 2nd to @psound74, you have a lot packed into 100 seconds there ! It felt like this track was a teaser for a longer tune (maybe it should be :slight_smile:

@beefinator I took the liberty to edit your original post to include the missing link :wink:

fair enough

we are tied between @ssam and @KOHLBERG !
we’ll leave the vote open another day, an even two weeks, for someone to make a final tiebreaker vote?

No need. I appreciate my votes for sure, but I concede to @ssam who totally deserves to win! U earned it man! I am looking forward to the next one though! :sunglasses:

Don’t know if it makes a difference but my vote goes to @kln

Between @ssam and @KOHLBERG I prefer Kohlbergs track.

Although it does have one really high and kind of painful frequency playing. (I get that sometimes with the CWO effect, maybe from there?) but really cool track nonetheless (all of these entry’s btw)

It is something I struggle with often. Most of the time, I think it’s feedback from sampling into the Op-1. In this case, it’s when I sampled in the old source material. I do have a Noise suppressor do-hickey dongle that sits between my stereo cable and the op-1 when I sample in, but it doesn’t help much. The one I have is similar to this one (link below). It’s a cheapie. Any advice on how to avoid this, or suggestions for a nicer, better working one would be most welcome. I wouldn’t mind dropping 10 times that much if i knew it was a good portable solution that did the job like it’s supposed to. I like nice and clean mixes if I can help it.

alright, imma call it a win for @ssam ! congrats, impressive work with that!

Hurrah! Let’s get a new battle up!

@ssam any ideas?? :innocent: