Wah! I didn’t l realize it might be my responsibility :slight_smile: Is there a list of previous battles somewhere so I can see what’s been done?

Currently my favourite thing to do with the OP-1 is to use the Element LFO and connect the G input to an interesting parameter … so perhaps we could have a battle involving that somehow

edit: or… another thought… is that I never use the Endless sequencer cus I find it quite mysterious. perhaps a limitation that you have to make a rhythm and a melody part using only the endless sequencer??

Up to you. Both sound like grounds for a great battle. Maybe try to find a way to combine them!?

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here are two links containing lots of ideas, both past and potentially future…

Thanks for the links!

I’ve created the new battle here: Battle 61: Video. I think it’s not a repeat, right? i’m sure you’ll be kind enough to let me know if the rules can be improved in some way! :slight_smile: