Battle 64 - the 64th battle

Here are the rules for battle 64.

  1. Sample something from 1964, using the OP1 drum or instrument sampler. A song, for example, or perhaps a news item!
  2. Create a 64-step sequence for your new sampled instrument using the Endless sequencer.
  3. Perform your final track live, using your new sequence as an instrument that you perform.
    • You could compose a ‘backing track’ on the OP1, and play along with it to make the final track.
    • You could work with an external looper or FX to make the final track.

There’s no strict rule on how much should be live and how much should be improvised. The important thing is that your final track contains something that you didn’t expect to happen.

Battle closes in 4 weeks: Saturday 18th January.

Thanks to everyone that helped with ideas for this battle! Happy holidays :partying_face:


Good brief! I love your ideas :wink:

Wish I was in the Pyrénées to do this in French department #64 :nerd_face:

Nice! It took me a while to find a song of '64. But finally I found one which is exactly what I wanted… I’m in.

bang boom bip. this one’s a trip.

made in 64 ways. i hope it’s well played.


^^^Who Needs A Looper :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this link for browsing audio stuff at from the year 1964. (Edit: Super-long URL hidden behind the link text.)

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Now thats a long link! (Interesting SQL database query URL encoded).

Very cool content, thanks for the pointer…

This reminds me of an old battle. Was fun! Thanks @vehka

Lol sorry i’ll make it a proper html link once I access the site with a laptop, on mobile atm

@vehka - nice link. 1964 was over half a century ago. it’s amazing to listen to some of this material.

So… ten days left of this battle… how is everyone getting on ?!

I’ve been trying to make something out of a Duane Eddy guitar album from 1964, which is so far proving difficult… my OP1 sampling skills are rusty!

Here’s a work in progress mix!

I have collected a lot of '64 songs, and most of them are really good !
Still have to get some time to sample them, though… I can’t believe I haven’t had the time during the holidays !
I have a time problem. Lack of it so much.

The rules mention that external looper and FX can be used. Are we also allowed to use other instruments, too, along with OP-1? And where mixing/mastering should happen? Inside OP-1 or can external tools/DAW also be used?

You can sample an instrument using the OP1, but the idea is to use the OP1 as your main sound source.

If you use an external looper then you’ll be mixing using that, otherwise mixing in the OP1.

I’m not sure what the convention is with battles regarding mastering but i think a little bit of post processing on a PC is fine.


Good, I like to do some Jazz/ Bossa thing. Maybe I will record some outer gear then. But not too much…

This is the last weekend of the battle! I said Saturday 18th to finish, but I suppose it makes to go until Sunday 19th so that we have a full weekend.

I’m looking forward to hearing lots of 1964 history in action :slight_smile: Who’s got something in progress?

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I’ll try to put something together by Sunday evening!

As usual, I bet I’ll try to do something on Sunday evening…

I’m working on it…