Battle 65 voting

Hi fellow op-users,
Finally I got it to present the Voting thread. Yay!
We have 8 tracks and my entry. So actually 9 :cowboy_hat_face:
You can vote until Sunday the 20th of March.

Everyone of the forum can vote!

Thanks to all participants. You made the Battles great again!

[LD edit] Here is the SC playlist (excluding the YT track, sorry)









And my track which is not included for the voting

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um… how do I vote?

Just say it here! :wink:

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Hi all,
I loved doing this and I loved listening to all your tracks. As I told you, I am a new op-1 user and hearing all those tracks works very inspirational.
Now, choosing a top-track, was not as easy as I expected it to be. All the tracks got a great vibe, love them… But, for me #1 is Monk E. Hatte with Concheiros-Roubaix

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I think I agree.
Monk E. Hatte.
Some filthy keys in there that I’m loving.
Old school.
Plus I like the word ‘cobbles’.

@mixrasta, I actually added a poll in your post :slight_smile:
And I did a playlist for my own convenience, I thought it was a good thing to put it in your post as well.
Feel free to remove it (or the tracks) if you want ^^_

You may vote at the bottom of the first post :slight_smile:


Ah ja, thanks for the electronic poll. I’m not that up to date anymore, ha!

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I keep coming back to @kln’s “sleeping in puddles of blues”.
The opening makes me think of S. Maharba’s sound, and I dig the overall sound signature, unmistakably our dear @kln’s :slight_smile:
I can’t put the finger on why exactly, but it surely is my favorite track.

Close second is @FJNA’s cycle sounds, that makes me think I have totally forgotten to use mine.
I would have liked the idea to be developed further, the overall ambient mood and the little sparks of noise, I found it beautiful. I could have been listening to such piece for several minutes, a pity it only lasts one.

@oceanjaws there is something very pleasant in your sound, it’s very soft and gentle.
The opening chords were interesting, especially after the little cycle drumming.
Made me want to conceive a chord progression that never stops… Next time maybe :smiley:

@ssam’s Concheiros - Roubaix is a lovely piece, in my top 3 tracks. It totally deserve’s above votes!

@psound74 you sent me back to 80’s with your track. I didn’t get the morse code you were referring to.
Your track reminded me that I forgot to use an incredible synth patch I got by cranking the spring reverb to 11 on the digital engine… I really dig your use of the OP-1 sound design capabilities.

@kln’s what a goof starts with a bass that gives some distortion (which I’m really into these days). With some excitement I was hoping something very experimental from this very first note.
Alas around the first minute you drop some beat. Well, of course it got this special flavor of yours, you can’t be blamed for that :smiley:
Still, I would have loved to hear what this resonating bass could have become in a more experimental path. I enjoyed this sound!

A few words on my track: I am very happy to have finished something, thank you again @mixrasta for letting the door opened. I hadn’t been playing with the OP-1 for a long time, and it took me some time to get comfortable with the tape again… 4 mono audio tracks, 1 special FX, this unforgiving workflow… I tend to forget all of this when I’m jamming with the Elektrons. Anyway, I felt some pleasure again first in pushing patches to the limits to get noise, and after that when composing.
I was playing with the idea to sell it, lately, but this battle made me reconsider the whole idea.
Listening to the track again, I find it funny that somehow it reminds me of some previous tracks of mine. All the sound except field recording are from Model:Cycles, that I really dig, starting with the name ^^

@mixrasta your track belongs here, and put some conclusion to this list: thank you dear for this beautiful battle!
May I say, I was amazed to see so many cycles, definitely my favorite way of moving (I use it 4 times a day minimum).
:biking_woman: Bicycle FTW!! :biking_man:t5:


Now, that’s what I call a nice review!


@LyingDalai - i had never heard S Maharba before now, and it’s quite lovely music.

i hear that he has sampled the same record i did, in one of his Top Tracks. it is quite a compelling sample, and i love the way he used it!

for me, i have had problems with sleep for years, and it was this and the vibes of the original track that came together for me in my song…made while i probably should have been sleeping.

thanks for mentioning this artist, as i am always looking for new listening recommendations.

and also thanks for the kind words!

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Incredible! I really thought you were fond of his music!

No surprise I made the link, then :smiley:

Now I understand why you’re so prolific… Coffee, screens and job stress were a friend of mine’s poisons. Since he decided to lower these three aspects a lot, he’s a different man and can now sleep. Check Matthew Walker’s “Why we sleep” if you haven’t. It’s not a curse.

Anyway, keep on dropping these tracks you have in mind, they’re appreciated :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to feedback on all these tracks!
Looking forward to the next battle!

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i hope to continue to listen to these tracks, one time or maybe many more, until the 20th of March to consider my vote. i’m enjoying a couple in particular.

it’s Sunday. :crazy_face:

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Yes, take your time!

Any votes coming in?
I keep it open until tonight

I say it again: Everyone of the forum can vote!

OK, hopefully I’m still in time to vote! Typing super fast to stay within the deadline!

I give my vote to @LyingDalai for making the nicest weirdest noise of everyone.

Runner up award to @squiddly for a cool tune and a cool video that go hand in hand.

It’s great to see so many entries and so varied for the battle, lets keep this up!!


Congratulations @LyingDalai!
I am already looking forward to the new battle!

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Yes, congrats to @LyingDalai!
This will be another task for you and your Op-1 :wink: he he!

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Thank you everyone!
Especially @mixrasta for this battle that managed to inspire that many people :smiley:

For battle 66, I have still no clue what the theme will be yet, very probably a battle against evil covid…
But 2 aspects should be there for sure:

  • 1 external synth
  • noises from your house or flat ! You can already start to record any door crying, blip or scratch you can, children shouts included ^^