Battle 65 voting

Can’t wait! Will do :fire_extinguisher: Ring the alarm!

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thanks so much for the votes. and congrats to lyingdalai

children shouting – i have plenty of that on tap.
i live next to a daycare centre. i just watched two kids on top of each other go head first down the little slide. then do a sideways crab dance, one fell over, the other ran in a circle then disappeared around the corner. it’s like a non-stop three stooges movie. never fails to make me feel happy.

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@LyingDalai - congrats. my vote went to you last week, but i didn’t really write anything meaningful up.


and thanks to @mixrasta for the battle.

looking forward to what comes next!


I’m on it.
Finalizing a couple drum kits and I’ll drop the new brief, likely before the weekend.

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Looking forward to it! Time conspired against me for the last one, but since I’m now trapped at home with my synthesizers that shouldn’t be a problem this round!

Workin’ on it :wink:


Edit: here it goes