Battle 66 “Devil in Details”

Confinement sheds new light on our surroundings.
A shelter turns into a cage for some…
Everything is a matter of perception, I personally find it the right time to weight what is essential in my life, appreciate what I have and what I really need.


  • Requirement #1: (home) field recording
    The first requirement for this battle will be to spend time capturing the little sounds of your limited space. A noisy door, kids screams, kitchen tools, wind in leaves or birds and bees outside…
    Use such sounds as is, or transformed in any way (2 octaves down, reverse, reverb, compression is usually my own favorite), or even build kits out of it.

Talking about details in sound, I found this interview amazing:

(I really love this artist, if you’ve never heard of it check this track)

The videos in there are very inspiring. In the following video (the first of the interview), Seith Horrowitz / Rrose talks about how focusing on a detail can lead to inspiring discoveries.

Playing with simple sound bricks, seeking beauty in artefacts is an essential part of my own approach. Far from mastering it, it’s still hard for me to keep focus, I tend to chase the pack of rabbits, but the hunt alone is very satisfying ^^

Another video on a similar theme:


  • Requirement #2: artefacts
    After watching above videos, try focusing on a sound artefact, being a simple synth patch, or an FX, or how two of them interact… Maybe tame the one you never use (looking at you, DNA) and push it to the corners until you get a little something you find relevant. Make it evolve continuously!
    As an example, here are two noisy synth patches for which I focused on the imperfections of the Spring reverb. Feel free to use them if you wish.

When in isolation, shadows grow.
With overactivities ceasing, it can become overwhelming to have no one but ourselves to face.
I would like this battle to be the opportunity to think about those who suffer from being alone, and create one united track out of every participation.
As a link between the tracks, I would like to ask you to use some of these sounds I got out from my own machines.

  • Requirement #3: unity
    Please pick any sound in this (at least one), all sounds were prepared especially for this battle :slight_smile:
    A drumkit with some of the (less weird) noises is already available, check it.
    Or do your own with OP-1 drumkit utility (some samples may need to be shortened a bit).
    You might want to pick the weirdest sounds and come up with a good beat such as in this track :wink:

  • Requirement #4: choose your weapon
    Like in the last battles, I would like you to feel free to use one of your machines in addition to the OP-1.
    It is mandatory that recording & mixing/mastering are made in OP-1 only, though.

Hope you’ll be many to have fun with this !!

Deadline: April 26th…


So, if I understand correct… you will make 1 long track out of all the tracks that get send in?

Not yet lockdown here, but I got sparen time… I am ready for this! Think this will be fun again to do… all different but united!

Yes indeed.

Already did this for battle #43 “Unity” (3 years ago, oh my!):

Really loved what came out of this little idea!
I had made an intro and outro with the Slim Phatty so that it was easier to assemble tracks.
But I have something else in mind this time :wink:


I’m entering this song for this battle (my first!):

The requirements inspired me to try some things I’ve never tried before. I never use organic sounds, but for #1 (field recording) I added a track of the sounds outside my door here in Seattle early in the morning where there are few cars and a few birds out and my wind chime.

I also never use Grid, but for #2 I purposely utilize the Grid’s feedback with the Pulse engine to get some sporadic overtones/drones. I normally avoid the Grid because its pretty unruly but here it sounded pretty good after I spent a lot of time figuring out how to mangle the feedback levels.

For #3 I used the bass drum from @LyingDalai’s supplied kit.

For #4 I chose to use my SH01A for the pads throughout the song. My friend made up some vocals for the song which sort of evoke this trepidation around living in this pandemic at this moment in time. I hope my friend’s vocals doesn’t disqualify me, technically she is not a machine. Actually she could be considered under #1’s “field recording” since it was just recorded on the phone.

Everything was mixed/mastered on the OP-1, here is me recording this song (I recorded four tracks and then played the Grid on top of everything):



Of course vocals can’t disqualify your track :smiley:
Plus as you say it qualifies for requirement #1 anyway.

Congratulations for this first battle, this is a beautiful submission :+1:

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i sampled pouring coffee beans into a coffee bean grinder. staying woke, i suppose.

thanks for listening.


My goodness, this was gorgeous. Thanks for creating it! :smiley:


Hopefully you’ll drop yours as well, friend :smiley:

No OP1 in the ghostly household sadly. I’m an acoustic guitar, piano and occasional OPZ man these days. :smiley:

I understand: I have also been toying with the idea of selling the OP-1…
But for some reason, I just can’t decide to get rid of it. Each time I come back to it, I keep telling me I love how it’s so different from anything else.
And I guess it’s so expensive these days that I wouldn’t ever buy one again…

Sold mine over a year ago (I managed to fry the USB port and didn’t have funds to fix at the time). The price is bonkers these days. I got it for £400 in mint condition a few years back.

realizing i missed requirement number 3, as i looked back at this to see when the battle ends. i already moved on with my OP-1 from the time i added my track. it will probably be better for me to start from scratch.

i did number one, two & four in the one i added previously.

sorry. i can make a new entry, and you can discount the first one, since i did it wrong. give me a day or so.

Another entry is nice, but I think we’ll keep your first contribution anyway ^^
I’ll just need your authorization for adding the bleeps myself on the United track, that’s all :smiley:

in a hard spot now
a new day is before us
and we lie in wait


Wow :star_struck:
I love this !!!

As a reminder, there are 9 days left for your submission.
Don’t let the excellent contributions above make feel you shy ^^

@quarantequatre: buddy, I’m waiting for yours :smiley:

me too! @quarantequatre

it’s been too long.

I have a track, but I’m still thinking of doing another one. But I’ll submit something in any case. =)

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@LyingDalai @kln Hey buddies ! Yes I know it’s been too long. I haven’t made music for a while … I hope to find a time to do something, hoping that I haven’t lost too much ! I miss it

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“Shy” is the right word…such lovely and great trax…untill now, ´cause here is my contribution:

have a nice weekend everyone