Battle 66 “Devil in Details” - VOTING

Thank you so much to everyone that participated to OP-1 Battle #66!!

Here is the united track, with all my love for this awesome community…
All participations are tagged in the comment, so you might as well use it for choosing your favorite track ^^
Hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I did assembling it!

Here is the playlist of all submissions:

Drop a few thoughts if you want, and… Vote!

  • @yakczar (aka infinite digits)'s “never could have known”
  • @kln’s “inexplicable”
  • @kln’s “hard spot”
  • @krautpoputopia (aka Igor Krasznov/Kosmonaut Bill)'s “Colonia”
  • @venn’s “habitual motion”
  • @vehka’s “Work/Play”
  • @ssam (aka Monk E. Hatte)'s “Looking For Authenticity”
  • @aeoner’s “Decay Chain”
  • @mixrasta’s “Wachhoelder Gang”
  • @psound74’s “200428-battle_66-Fibonacci_side-b”
  • @Lawr (aka nerwal)'s “Shika Boom”
  • @quarantequatre’s “Our Dream”
  • @Lawr (aka nerwal)'s “Blown Out”

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Voting ends in a week, on May 10th.


Just giving the mixtape a spin. Awesome job @LyingDalai and everybody!


Thank you dear!
I might have actually spent way too much time on this :kissing: but it was so much fun to do!
And I’m glad I managed to realize what I had in mind ^^


Yeah really loved your transitions, I’m kinda hoping we could also vote on those. :grin:


Aha, should I organize a vote on the transitions as well? :wink:
Just let me know which one you preferred, that will do it!

My own favorite must be the outro, I think.
I find it expresses the relief to be finished with this task I had given myself, and how serene I felt in this moment, being in family, having all I need…
Yet, in the slight dissonance between the lead notes and the chords I see I can’t really shut down the underlying anxiety for what my/our future will be.

Still listening to all the tracks, I have much trouble picking one and only one.
There are so many of them that deserve a vote!


What a nice battle.
It was really hard for me to pick a track.
Even if I had allowed 5 votes I would still have been in trouble ^^

  • @yakczar’s "Never could have known” for your friend’s beautiful vocals.
  • @kln’s “hard spot” for the intro sampling Radiohead’s “Where bluebirds fly”, the beat, the use of my noises ^^ and the many parts. Man, it’s amazing to see how much inspiration you have these days!!!
  • @venn’s “Habitual motion” for the tombola piano. Very interesting use!
  • @aeoner’s “Decay Chain” for the conceptual beats and the amazing sounds
  • @psound74’s “200428-battle_66-fibonacci_side-b” for the whole approach
  • @Lawr’s ”Shika Boom“ for the voices and amazing beat (reminded me of early Go! Team): impressive first submission to a battle! Your heavily distorted track was pretty good as well, totally my thing :slight_smile:
  • @quarantequatre the sound of the hats reminded me this old L4D4 impro session in your garden…

And because I have to pick one and only one, my vote goes for… @Lawr!

Congratulations to everyone that participated!


@LyingDalai - bomb-ass transitions, had almost as much fun listening to them as the entries! 2nd to last was my favorite (if we were voting)

@Lawr - really enjoyed your track - totally gets my vote, very catchy, love the bird and drums (also like your distorted piece)

@mixrasta - you get honorable mention / 2nd place because of your great Latin groove

Thanks for being here & contributing all!


This was a tough call, I think I considered voting most of the tracks. =) But in the end, for me, it came down to a choice between @venn, @quarantequatre, and @Lawr’s “Blown Out”. @quarantequatre with the groovy birdsong gets my vote!


Votes should end tomorrow… Please cast yours, if you haven’t yet :slight_smile:

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I also gave my vote to Shika Boom by @lawr. Very nice with the little vocals and drumsolo. Funky!

Great melodies and a matching voice from heaven! @yakczar

Entertaining beats with many little things to discover on a base of simplicity, yay! Both tracks!@kln

@krautpoputopia, I immediately recognized the voices from home, ha! Interesting approach!

@venn Beginning with some twickle and ending up me feeling like I’m sitting next to a well in japanese garden. Very nice!

This reminds me of my ‘boot in not’ ambient song that I once made for one of the first battles. Very submarinish… @vehka

Your tracks a always very musical and I appreciate the live feel of this one as well @ssam

@aeoner Very experimental, interesting stuff for what the OP-1 is made for.

Super relaxing ambient feel, especially with the organs and strings on top! Reminds me of some Funki Porcini stuff from the 90’s @psound74

Actually a very solid track @quarantequatre
The analog sounds with the random Lfo or octave tweaking is a cool idea. It’s quite simple but very pleasant. Cool vibe!

I kind of missed the blown out track @lawr. Cool intermission!

And thanks to the Dalai for the well prepared battle and FinalCutUp including a lot of work on sound and transitions !


Seems we have a winner !

Congratulations @Lawr!
Can’t wait for your brief for Battle #67!!!

And again, shout out for everyone who participated, I really like your tracks and am pretty glad so many people dropped something :slight_smile:


WOW! Thanks for your kind words! (and votes!)

As for my vote… I had narrowed my choices down to a few contenders, when my clumsy thumb accidentally hit one of the voting options, and I realized with horror that I had voted entirely by accident!

Thankfully, @ssam was one of the top contenders for my vote! I love the beer can Gamelan, it sounds beautiful and for me it exemplifies the strength of the OP-1 - making instruments out of found sounds with a little editing. And the track has such a fun feel, I love the rhythm and the organ patch!

Also really loved how you tied them all together with those lovely transitions, @LyingDalai… Fantastic job, everyone.

NOW… Are there rules regarding what sort of parameters I can place on the next Battle? Or is it completely arbitrary? (I’ll look at some past ones, since I’m new here!)


Totally arbitrary.
Check previous battles if you need.
Usually, recording+mixing should be done within OP-1, which is half of the fun ^^


Deeply sorry for my delay. The voting is over but I must comment all the entries. Unfortunately I´m not managing to (hash?) tag all your names :frowning:

@infinitedigits : Loved this tune. Everything is so beautiful: the melody, the texture, the angelic vocal remembering so gloomy Burial tracks.

@dj_KLN inexplicable: Dope drums as always. The post-uk garage groove is sick - really liked the manual delay use and all the details (including the scratching) and vocal chops/variations. It def needs a grime MC. My favorite!

@dj_KLN hardspot: Very good complex drums too. The chops remembers me the early Prefuse 73 stuff. I love those beats that have lots of variations and themes - this one could be 4 different tunes.

@Kosmonaut_Bill : Textures textures textures, they are really cool. I like the very wonky, “biomechanic” percussive pattern that you constructed here. Very creative.

@venn : beautiful and relaxing ambient track. The relation between the piano and the very electronic bleeps & bloops is more tasteful than most of tunes alike that I randomly listen to. I love the bananeira photo too :slight_smile:

@vehka : always deep respect for true noise music. This kind of tune shows the power of the OP-1.

@Monk H. Hatte : Very consistent weirdpop tune! You are a very good music.

@mixrasta : Great entry. Very musical and surprising. Would be amazing a double A-side with yours and @Monk H. Hatte track.

@psound74 : So beautiful soundscapes. That plucks/mallets (?) are so relaxing. Remember me the ambient drum n’ bass vibe of some LTJ Bukem and Photek tracks.

@nerwal : Amazing! Very funny and musical!

@nerwal - Blown Out: I really liked the way that you changed the whole mood of the track with the drums in the second part.

@quarantequatre DOPE beat! Headnoddin´ stuff. Loved the chiptune synth (with the filtering - which fx do you used?) contrasting with the very organic and textural bird sounds.

Congratulations, folks! Thanks a lot for the amazing sounds! Special thanks for @LyingDalai for hosting this super battle - your drum kit absolutely rock and I´m using it a lot here! Big up.


How often do the Battles happen? Is there a tentative date for the next one? I would love to try one of these. Thanks.

Next battle should start soon, once @Lawr come up with a new brief :slight_smile:
Should happen before the end of the week, most likely.

@Lawr don’t forget the 67th battle brief :slight_smile:

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Working on it now!

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