Battle for the Eras - The Voting Thread edition 63

All members can vote.

Thanks for all who participated, and sorry for taking too long to put the Voting thread up.

Let’s set the vote for 7 days, so wherever things are at at Oct 27 by end of day will set the fate of the next Era (or battle anyways).

Battle for the Eras - The Voting Thread





With 50% of the entries being host-provided tracks, one could propose all bets are off, and hosts get a chance to emerge victorious thru user feedback just as much as everybody?

Get on it!

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also, just to go for it. all these tracks are jammin.

@ssam - this is my vote

real cool layering of samples and sounds.

was a tough decision, with the fluidity and beautiful key blending in the @vehka track, and the funkily modern and eerily late 80’s synth tones coming thru in the uplifter @psound74 put together.

These were all quirky and fun! I’ll do another listen tomorrow before deciding where my vote goes.

Ok after a re-listen, I’ll give my vote to @psound74, such a frantic and condensed synth-pop snippet that put a grin on my face. Also loved @ssam’s piece, great lo-fi band vibe going on there, really dig the moment when the trombone starts playing. Equally enjoyable were the clinical beats of @kln + the sax sample that brought back memories from the Rebirth of Cool acid-jazz era. =)

My votes go to kln

@kln the end of the track is a bit weird, like you let a little bit behind the actual ending :wink:

I liked all the tracks for different reasons. Wish @psound74’s was longer: it was going pretty good, way too short!

I actually liked @vehka’s robot playing Bach, was für eine schöne Musik!

@ssam I liked the sound ! Not to fond of the horn though, personal taste really. It’s more about the connotation it brings I guess.

OK, my vote goes to @vehka!

Wish I could have done something, but with moving house I don’t even know in which cardbox my OP-1 is right now!

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looks like an even score so far, which speaks to the quality of the choices.

voting ends soon!

I vote for @ssam’s eerie horn track.

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My vote goes to @ssam - fun track, like the chopped quality of the samples & punchiness of guitar & trombone!

Honorable mention for @vehka for their great musique concrete-style schizo robot Bach piece!

Thanks @kln for your sax bit and for running the voting admin in a more timely fashion than me!!!



@ssam - looks like the torch has been passed.

big ups!

now for some new rules. looking forward to “when I’m 64”.


Congrats @ssam! Thanks @kln and @psound74 for organizing this one!

:partying_face: thanks everyone for this rather exciting battle! Nice entries all round.

I’ll have a think about ideas for a next battle.

Congrats @ssam!