Brand new op-1 has 2014 date

I just received my “new” $1300 op-1 in the mail and this is the date and time… is TE selling old stock for the updated screen price?!

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What’s the model number?
The first gen says rev 1
Rev 2’s may be from gen two or three I hear.

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so my suspicions were true…(edit: COULD be true)
which means soon the OP-1 might be out of production again.

What were your suspicions?

when I saw the pictures of the crumbling packaging of the OP-1s there were sent out recently I thought, they found some old stock somewhere in the garage and started selling that.
not wanting to accuse anybody here…those were just my thoughts.

didn’t they call back all units from retailers last year…? i think i read that somewhere on this forum

Its TE002

Gotcha. Yeah I don’t know if there is any way to see if it’s actually a new one or not.

AFAIK the model number has been TE002 since the beginning. Check the serial number (can be found on packaging or behind the braille plate at the bottom under the I/O ports.

See also:

The internal clock was initially off by some years on my unit (bought 7 years ago), too. So it is not a very reliable indicator.


The serial number as it is placed, wont tell you much. They are stickers not engraved . Just a piece of paper stuck on the unit and the box. If TE refurbishes a unit it can ( and does ) simply replace the old serial number.

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i think it is quite obvious…

Yes they did…

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They replaced the screen only, right? They may have the old ICs in stock otherwise.

uhh i don’t think the clock is supposed to be set correctly fresh out the box.

mine was set in year 2029 when i got it. does that mean mine is from the future?
cmon ppl


Definitely from the future!!!

mine defaults to 2013 even though I bought it at launch.

The op-1 has always come with the wrong date set. I don’t imagine they would update the default date to reflect the current year since it would be wrong regardless. They don’t receive the current date when they are flashed. Opening the device would be the one true way to tell though…

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I think the dried out crumbling package is what makes me most suspicious. It all just feels and smells like it has been sitting for a few years.

The packaging probably(most likely) has.

dont know about you, but im just anxiously waiting for this …thing which was anounced from TE 2 years ago but i cannot see it anywhere…ahhhh…the pain…