Can you control the OP-1 Synth with the OP-Z?

Hey guys, I own both the OP-1 and the OP-Z and got curious if you can use the wonderful sequencer from the OP-Z to control the OP-1 synth and record it to the OP-1 tape?

I have a USB C (connected to OP-Z) > to USB-Mini (Connected to OP-1), but…
I can’t get them to talk properly with each other.

I can control various synths through MIDI-USB with the OP-Z but is this possible with the OP-1?

Yes you can. You need to tell the op-1 what midi channel to listen to. See section 13.3 and 13.4 of the op-1 manual.
Then you need to tell the op-z what you want it to send over midi.

This guys video goes over the process if you learn from watching others better than reading manuals. It’s not my video.

You can find a bunch of info and a long conversation about op-z midi here - Op-z MIDI Thread If you have more specific questions you should post them there instead of creating a new thread.

I hope all that helps.


As @kingof9x ssays you can control the OP-1 from the OP-Z, but don’t expect much - it’s not a multi-timbral midi sound module. It responds to one midi input channel at a time, so you can control a synth sound or a drum patch from the OP-Z, but not both at the same time. Sort of disappointing really.