Can you help find it?! Old OP-1 Blogspot Descriptions and Critiques

Hi, I’m new here.

I found an awesome old (2011) website that described and critiqued the original synth engines:

Does anyone know if this person continued to create content like this elsewhere? I’d love to read similar content about the new synth engines, filters, etc.

Thank you!

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Yes, that was the one I was looking for when someone was recently looking for a wiki. I always confuse the members raigan and darenager, who I mentioned in that thread…

hey – thanks! Unfortunately my life got a lot busier after I wrote those blog posts, and sadly I haven’t managed to get around to eg writing up the fx engines, or adding some updates (since, in hindsight, I got a lot of things wrong and my opinion has changed as I’ve used the OP-1 more).

I did spend a month in 2017 mocking up some LFO/sequencer ideas for OP-1 which I posted about here: OP-1 mockup/prototype ideas: teaser pics (looks like the pics were lost, I’ll re-attach them to this post; I never got around to making videos of them, alas).


That lead to some pretty cool sound/music programming opportunities that I’m working on right now! (which sadly I can’t say anything about)

Anyway, cheers :slight_smile: I’d love to update OP-101 eventually, but honestly at this point it’s about 10 projects down in my list of priorities, sorry ;-;

p.s - thanks @Lymtronics for flagging this for me :slight_smile: