Can't update my op1


I can’t update my op1. Nothing happens when i turn it on by holding down the com key. Besides that, everything works just fine.
Does anybody know what’s the problem? I really want the new functions!!!

Hi @vorski, so you are switching the on off button to on while holding down COM, and then nothing is happening?

Yes that’s right.

Hmm that’s an odd one eh. I must say, I’m stumped… I can only suggest making a short video of the problem and contacting TE to see what they say. Anybody have any ideas?

Try holding com with USB plugged in or not plugged in when powering on. Does the com button work once the unit is powered on? Perhaps there is some dirt preventing a good contact if not. I’d look into a can of compressed air if the button doesn’t function once powered up.

Thank you guys for your comments!
The com button works perfectly when the unit is powered on. I've already tried to do it with the usb plugged AND unplugged. Nothing happens.

I have exactly the same problem… Did you manage to solve it?


Just as a last resort, let the OP-1 completely discharge in order to truly reset it.

Hey fam, I also have a homie that had this problem. I was really dumb founded! The volume knob also turned the other way??? Was so weird, but would really like to help dude out if anyone figures it out.

Im emailing TE about this.

Thanks, everyone. I bought a second hand OP1, and so far inly got general repair reply from TE with some questions.

Response from TE

Thank you for your email. Yes, it’s a known issue.

It has to do with NAND failing, and can happen after incomplete upgrades, etc. Unit will operate fine, except for just TE-Boot. (I.e. no upgrading etc.) Currently there is no available fix for this. The only solution is to send it to a TE-repair shop for physical reflashing of the DSP. It’s a time consuming process and we typically charge about USD 100.- for this, excluding shipping. It IS covered by the 1 year warranty, but if out of warranty it’s recommended to only send if critical.

Wow. How can we avoid this from happening when we update in the future?

That is very weird, NAND flash data retention is usually 10 years (there are error correction measures to take care of bit losses). Loss may increase at higher temperatures and radiation exposure, but that is unlikely to be the case here. Unless the data gets corrupted by the OS update process itself.

It would be interesting if people reported the S/N of those failing devices, so we may try to identify if it is due to some particular HW batch.

mine is 2072, and i still didn’t get the second reply from TE.

@lukatoyboy Do you mean TE002-002072? That means it is from sometime around 11/2011.

yes, i just bought it second hand

Have the same problem now, just happened from one day to another… TE wrote me to send it back as well…

and what is TE 002AS001A ?


@JonhhyEgo That is not a serial number. Look for a white sticker attached to the original box that has only digits after “TE”. If you can’t find it, the alternative is to open the small connector port at the back. There should be one in there as well.