Cheapest screen for OPZ?

Hi all,
Since I’m loosing hope for an Android app, I was wondering which is the cheapest way to have a monitor for the OPz.
I never had an Ios device, which model should I look at? That can run the app with op videolab, photomatic ecc?

Went through a similar thing earlier this year and the cheapest device that would work was an iPhone 5S I think. Thing is they’re still pretty pricey for a second-hand several-year-old device that is only going to be used as a screen for OP-Z so I started looking at 2nd hand ipads. Unfortunately they hold their value pretty well and as you can get a brand new ipad for around £319 I thought I’d rather pay a little more for a brand new one.

Then I thought it’s only an extra £80 for an iPad mini which is more portable… Long story short I got feature creep bad and have ended up with an iPad pro 11" with keyboard and pencil…

It is expensive but it also future proof spec wise and because of the USB-C port and I got a deal on it through Curry’s eBay (£50 off rrp plus anther 10% off it, the keyboard and the pencil).

the app store thing lists all the devices that can run the app

my guess would be the iPod touch would be the cheapest

or if u have a friend who has an one of these phones/devices lying around
maybe they would give it to u for cheap (or free)

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I’m using an iPod Touch. You may be able to get a cheaper old iPhone from eBay or one of the other sites, but I wanted something where I knew the battery would last a while, and was willing to pay a small premium for new.

Plus, you can get a Touch with lots of RAM and carry the rest of your music library to inspire you!

Thanks for the answers.
I looked at eBay, and I saw that the ipod touch 6 is around 100-120 euros, which is the same of an Ipad air 1st gen.
Which one is better?

future proof :slight_smile:

apple will break your heart in 5ish years


Have you seen this for android:

It obviously isn’t official nor does it have all the features found on iOS, but it may save you some money and do the trick.

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Yep, tested it.
Amazing project, but doesn’t have all the feature, especially videolab, photomatic etc

That really depends on what you want in terms of size. I think the Air’s going to be a touch faster for other stuff, and easier to run other music apps on. The iPod Touch is ideal if you just want something to slip into the TE sleeve with the OP-Z itself.

I’m still rocking my iPhone SE with my OP-Z. It is wonderfully tiny and Apple is still putting out iOS updates for it even though it’s not for sale in the store any longer. I’m betting you can find a second hand one for cheap.

I got a 5s cheap and posted about it here:

Thanks for the answer.
Seems a good solution. At that price I only find devices with icloud lock (which I presume you cannot use or format).

Never ever buy something with an ICloud lock! those phones are dead and most often stolen pieces. nobody sells one with iCloud activated and never ever has someone forgotten his password or anything else.

one time i‘ve bought an IPhone 6 used and locked. sad day. Especially when those repair guys tell you it’s not fixable and you have to pay anyway :woozy_face:

Have anyone tried one of those Raspberry Pi hdmi-screens?

Yeah as someone else has already said, if it’s iCloud locked it’s no good and you can’t get around that at all.

The 5S I bought is SIM locked to a phone provider/network I don’t use, so I can’t use it as a phone, but that doesn’t stop it being used for anything else you might do with a smartphone.

Mine was cheap at £30, but not by much. You could definitely get the same sort of thing for £45 if it’s just to use as a small OP-Z monitor. If you want to get into doing other stuff on it as well, then maybe a more recent iPhone would be a better choice.

I’m fine with that. Bought an iPad pro 11" 256gb brand new for £782. If I need to replace it in 5 years time (which I highly doubt) it will have cost me £156.40 a year or just over 42p a day. I also use it for a lot more than just a screen for the OP-Z and there isn’t an app that won’t run perfectly on it.

In the end I bought an IPad Mini 2 on ebay for 90€ and its not bad

Hey there , is Ipad 2 (not mini) compatible with the opz app? I cant see it listed on the app page but the mini 2 is in… does anyone use iPad 2 paired with opz? Any experience?

-Yes it works on ipad2; I have it running ok.-

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Is there any problem running 3d videopaks on older ipad/iphones? Do you use motion with your iPad?