Chopper game on op-1 field?

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So do y’all think the chopper game is still on there?

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omg i didn’t even think about that

anyone else here made it to the final platform?

I watched a video a long time ago of someone doing the whole thing. It looked tedious as hell.

yea it is…

It’s gone, @MichaalHell said.

Bastards, that’s it I am not buying



Not going to lie, I beat the game on the OG version multiple times. My current fastest time is 3:13 from start to finish. I was disappointed that it’s not on the field and is one of the reasons for me not purchasing one. I was wanting a real end to the game! I assumed that the gas station was just a checkpoint and the field would extend the game.


I thought I hear Tobias say that it is on the Field in his midnight operator show, but no one has confirmed.

I thought he said it wasn’t there but deflected and said there is an Easter egg on the TX6 that someone found but he isn’t going to spoil it there.

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Oh🤔…… you might be right.

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I just just watched it again. He said they moved the chopper game and then proceeded to talk about the Tx-6. I wonder where they moved it on the OP-1 field.

I can confirm that pressing Synth + Drum + Tape + Mixer keys simultaneously on a production OP-1 Field in Synth mode does nothing. I don’t have an OG OP-1 so maybe I am not doing it right.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s on the op-1 field after researching. Hopefully they’ll add it in a future update.