Compatible midi keyboards that work direct from the op-z

hey Jonathan,

i use this simple little usb to usb-c adapter and it works just dandy ! image1.jpeg

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Hey @badrico,

thanks mate! i got it working after buying a usb-c to micro-usb cable. It only works after I updated the firmware to v1.1.27. here’s the simple setup pic [] Cheers man!

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 works.

Probably already known Just thought I’d contribute as I tested this recently.

Hello! I’m pretty new to all this and love creating with my OP-Z. Would the OP-Z work with a midi drum device like Akai LPD8 for example?

For me, it works with:
Ableton Push 2
Moog Grandmother
Akai LPK25
Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Subsequent 37
Moog Minitaur
Moog Taurus III
Moog Slim Phatty
Livid Instruments Codev2
Moog Theremini

With Push 1, it seems to recognize it but it doesn’t work
Couldn’t make it work with a Midisport UNO USB, though that same unit didn’t work with my iPhone/iPad neither. This is strange since another unit of the same model did work with my iOS devices before I had an OP-Z

I have some more which I have yet to test

Do you think the nanoPAD2 will work?

I was taking a gander at that nanokey studio, do the scale features on the XY pad and the drum pads work with O P Z?

Couple of questions: 1) what is channel rotation? 2) Can you still change octave, or is it only change tracks with octave buttons?

Channel Rotation means that one Note goes to a single midi channel. that way you can play like Bass,lead,chord as a Poly Synth which rotates through the different tracks note by note! really Handy.

i‘ve had a session where I accidentally changed the tracks with the Octave buttons but I can‘t remember how it’s done anymore, need to investigate!

but the Qunexus is THE controller for OP-Z I think. especially when you trigger an Analog envelope or Filter while hammering in some dope Beats. this way the Digital source runs into Analog gear for a natural and powerful sound. can‘t beat this combo

Yeah, I have softstep 2, it’s great! So customizable.

I don’t know if I have the same analog gear that you’re talking about, tho. Sounds nice :slight_smile:

Do you find the qunexus draws a lot of power from the Z?

Side-bar: I wish you could record to multiple tracks at once.

Side-side-bar: It would be great to copy tracks from one to another in the same project. & copying groups of steps would be nice too. Could get more complex with like 3 steps being duplicated, and then tweaked or something.

Akai MPK Mini MKII works like a charm with the OP-Z

Hi, what kind of adapter do you use? Because my qunexus or kboard do not switch on somehow.
Thanks a million.

Ok. It was the adapter i used. Now bought a usb-c to usb adapter on the opz-end which works. Nice!

Iam using it with a raspberry pi but the overall power consumption is acceptable i think.

you can record to multiple tracks if they respond to a single midi channel or with channel rotation to its respective channel!

what i mean is that you run the Op-1/Op-z through an Analog Filter, which opens with an envelope that is triggered by Qunexus! this way you can have a flexible analog Filter which cooks up the Digital Signal a lot!


I was able to get the Midisport UNO USB working on OP-Z firmware 1.2.5, with one caveat . . .

On the zed, MIDI clock out must be disabled when the Midisport UNO is plugged into the zed and powered on. Once the Midisport UNO is powered up you can then re-enable MIDI clock out (or just leave it off altogether), and everything works as expected.

Tested midi note, clock, and transport rx/tx. Haven’t tested program change stuff.

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Has anyone used the sensel morph? And can it connect via Bluetooth?