Compatible midi keyboards that work direct from the op-z

I recently hooked up my Launchkey Mini Mk3 to the Z and it worked really well - the really cool part wast the LKM3’s arpeggiator works on all tracks so you can obviously use it on bass, lead and chord synths but also you can have a lot of fun on the percussion tracks too - it’s velocity sensitive as well so you can create some very interesting drum pattens - I was genuinely impressed with how it brought out another side to the Z… they’re pretty affordable too so definitely a good option


I’m using a Korg nanokey studio in a similar way.

Knobs for track filters, pads for performance, kaosspad for master filters. Arpeggiator is useful too.

As you say, more UI Controls really opens up what can be done with op-z in performance.

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Modal Electronics’ Argon8 works very nice

any thoughts on the new mpc studio mk3? with maybe a oplab? and two breakout cables that come included and a 5 din to 5 din cable like gabe has on his youtube channel?

@MikeFlynnBass did the record or shift button worked for you?

Would u share your mapping?
Ive changed accedidentaly and now cannot make it work =(

Sorry bud, i’ve since switched to the arturia minilab mk2
It is amazing for use with opz. I dont have my old akai midi maps.

The arturia minilab mk2 is great tho if you want to get the absolute most from a midi keyboard and opz. 16 endless encoders that can be set to relative or absolute values is great. Plus multiple midi banks to swap on the fly.

i have one bank set to “sound design” mode so that every synth parameter is mapped out on the encoders, set to relative values so i can easily switch between tracks and the values all stay. And one bank set to “performance mode” where by some encoders affect global parameters like tempo, swing, quantization etc and some set to affect specific track settings like volume, filter cutoff etc.

I’m using the Launchpad X and it works like a charm with the OP-Z when connected directly (without any hubs). The Launchpad Pro mk3, on the contrary, draws too much power and can only be used with a powered hub.

Both are the best keyboards I’ve ever played.

I’m working on this project… it’s a fully customizable midi controller without the use of apps or computers and with other useful functions for production, I designed it for the op-z but it can be used with any device. It supports connection via usb than with the classic midi din…stay tuned #hackmidimask

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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get my fully charged OP-Z to work/provide power to two devices (Akai MPK Miniplus and Launchpad Pro MK3) connecting just one device at a time to the OP-Z.

In both cases I’m using a single USB C to USB B cable to connect either device directly to the OP-Z, but it seems like it doesn’t provide enough power to keep them on.

With the Akai I can get some more time and fiddle around before the device turns off (about 15 to 30 seconds).

Launchpad Pro attempts to boot but it turns off immediately, staying in a bootloop on the initial lights animation stuff.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

The standard recommendation is a powered USB hub (TE’s official recommendation is the Kingston Nucleum), though that can introduce some noise in some cases.

Otherwise unfortunately I don’t know that there’s a way to make the OP-Z provide more power to an external device.

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4 years later … the iRig worked* for me!

*a few crashes (e.g. when using the prog change buttons) and after being used for awhile it stops working randomly. unplug and reset fixes it. the keys, mod wheel, and cc knobs work :slight_smile:

Powered USB hub!
I use a belkin usb c hub, picked it up from best buy. Nothing special about it escept it works with opz.

It has usb c input for power, and 2 usb A outputs for midi keyboards etc.
model number F4U092