Complete documentation for OP-1?


I owned an OP-1 many years ago, but sold it again since I never had the time to use it. I think I am ready to give it another try, I ordered it and am now eagerly awating its arrival! :slight_smile:

Reading the online manual, I get the feeling that it is not complete. I think I have seen videos on youtube using other key combinations for additional functionality not mentioned in the manual. (E.g. I think someone used the stop button or something in tape mode to move in beat increments rather than bars?) Is this true? If yes, is there a complete documentation anywhere out there?


Here’s something


Looks interesting, thanks!

r u referring to shift+stop to change the resolution of the beat markers?
or maybe scrubbing the tape w/ the blue knob?

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What I was referring to in my original post was probably shift+stop to change the resolution of the beat markers. Then it got me wondering how many other nice features that are not documented in the manual…