Copy track


Hi there!

Does the copy track function work for you? As far as I understand holding [P] and pressing [shift] thrice should allow me to copy the active track to another track by simply choosing the destination track. However, it does not work for me.

Nice to see that the save mode (auto save on / off) can be toggled there in theory by pushing the track button.


It copies that selected track to another pattern. Are you wanting it to copy from one track to another track in the same pattern?


Ah, ok, I see! Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I wanted to copy the track to another track in the same pattern. However, it is not critical and would rather be just a convenience function. As it is is ok also, should allow for making nice transitions from one pattern to another.


Don‘t want to open another Thread for this but how can i copy a specific trig.

For example: I put a trig to the step sequencer and chance some parameter for this trig while holding it. How can i copy this trig?


Hold this trig for a few seconds then you just have to clic on another step to paste your copied trig


Aaaah, thx.

So hold the trig a few seconds and while holding clic the new step?


No, you hold the trig a few seconds, that copies it in memory
release the boutons
now it’s in memory, you can place it where you want in your track

it’s like it is the last sound you have played so now you can place it wherever you want on the sequence


I see! Thank you very much!