Copying / biting video styles discussion

Hey my dudes,

Many of us are probably aware of the whole debacle with that guy lifting red means recording’s (RMR) style.

I’m not right across all the details, & I’m not trying to create gossip or some such petty talk.

First of all, I think RMR does amazing work, and also seems to be an excellent person, so I hope he’s not suffering from this situation. I know he’s on these forums, but not tagging him redirect, as he may want to stay out of this thread.

I wanted to create a conversation around what happened. For those of you who aren’t aware, essentially, and once again I have only rudimentary understanding of what is going on. someone has created a YouTube account and is creating their own videos which are undeniably the same style as RMR. It seems to have caused the fair bit of outrage, and perhaps some form of trauma for Mr RMR (this last part is what bothers me), but I want to explore the ethics here if y’all think it’s worth while. Artistically speaking, there is no denying that the person who stole the RMR style he is simply imitating. I’m interested in the legal ramifications. Is there any legal issue or precedent for this kind of thing? Even beyond YouTube videos. We could extend this idea to podcasts, TV shows, you-name-it. I guess some of this falls under intellectual property, but can the format of any of the above be legally protected under copyright or other intellectual property related law?

I’m asking the question in this way because personally I think what has happened with RMR seems legally ok, but possibly ethically corrupt.

Once again, to Mr RMR, I have nothing but respect, and support.

I think its ridiculous to blame the ‘copy’ guy for anything but maybe the lack of a mention of RMR somewhere in his video or video description. Have you ever watched more than one techchannel? Do you know Soviet Womble? There are lots of huge art/doll/toy/younameit channels on youtube that are being copied in various degrees every day. What is he/are people mad about, that he has success? That it’s not for ‘the love of music’? Is he/are they afraid RMR will lose subs or views because there is somebody that can do the same? People with an OP-1 should know how hard it is to make a video like that with music that is great to listen to. Being salty because someone ‘rips of your style’ is understandable on a very personal level but it has no actual effect on your own work, results or income. If anything another big channel will fuel your own channel when they upload and send possible newcomers to your videos because of your overlapping fans.


I don’t know who the new guy is, but want to remind everyone that we once lived in a world where Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie shared airwaves.


Someone is copying exactly what??..A link would be helpful. Personally i cannot watch RMR…he talks so fast that i get dizzy ( i guess he speeds the videos to save time )
Some form of trauma for Mr RMR ??..:sob:


Ha Ha…that’s a good one !!! true
I see these youtube “stars” as salesmen…people buy stuff because of them…

rmr is a copy of knobs.


I’m not very familiar with the issue, I recognise RMR though.

I’d also guess there’s no ground for legal action. Artistic imitation happens often and as long as there’s no actual stealing (as in: taking clips or sounds and claiming to be the author), it’s probably allowed.

At the same time I realise this must feel weird and bad; all the best to RMR, I hope he gets all the support from the community he needs.

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Support him…?go and buy all his t shirts , mugs, beach towels and many many more products from his webstore…jeezzzzz

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A pity that a thread about “Red Means Recording” is talking about copycat.

IMO RMR was pretty inspired by Knobs in the first place, but took it smartly with his own style.
Jeremy is extremely talented and funny… While his style and flow might be imitated I have no worry he’ll still be the master at his own thing.

If he has become an inspiration to the point that many follow his lead, all you can do is point to the original when you see a copycat.
Might also be a way for him to push it a bit further, try to find new tricks…

Best thing from RMR is the music, though. Good luck imitating this :wink:


One detail not mentioned above: it appears this other channel is mainly just gunning for going viral (based on his descriptions on social media, and the inflated view counts, thought to be fake/paid)

I haven’t read much into it, just sharing another face of this matter

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I see who you mean…and I can understand it a little bit. Whatever that “copycat” guys intentions or motivations are I don’t know and also don’t really care. RMR is great at doing what he does and I watch his videos. I highly doubt this is gonna hurt him in any way.

But at the same time…can you accuse someone of copying a blank piece of paper?

RMR makes videos with an OP-1 on blank background and adds text. It doesn’t get much simpler than that in terms of style. Who invented simplicity?

I make videos with text only as well and a guy accused me of copying RMR (I don’t get millions of clicks though :slight_smile: . Just because I don’t wanna yap on in front of the camera like millions of others means I am ripping off the dude that also doesn’t talk in front of the camera and uses text to explain what he’s doing…

Doesn’t mean I can’t understand what you guys mean.


Thanks for your responses, my dudes.

Yes, @beefinator, that’s a good point. I had read something about that, but wasn’t really across it enough to feel qualified to sufficiently explain it. In hindsight, I should have probably mentioned it anyway.

The thing that prompted me to start this discussion was magpie uploading a really funny and stylistically outrageous op-1 video to chime in on the discussion :joy:

My use of the word trauma is probably easily misconstrued as to how I meant it (I posted this quite late at night after DJing just before going to sleep)… I think I was just trying to be wary of being supportive to someone who is in a position that is new and does not feel good. We’re are here putting words onto our screens, and I think it’s crucial that we are allowed to so what we think, and within that, I believe it’s helpful to be sensitive to whatever extent one can.

Whatever the case may be, the worst way you can respond and loose the argument is reacting like a drama queen…


I respectfully disagree on the grounds that your claim is overly broad. Almost like a blanket statement

Sorry, can’t see any rip-offs here…

If you think playing an OP-1 while filming the table and adding some deskriptive text to the video is the main definition of RMR’s style, I’m really sorry for him.

Yes, Yuri Wong uses an OP-1. Yes he does frontal shots (IMHO the only way to capture what’s going on on the screen) on a clean table. He adds text using a clear font. But he has a totally different style of music.

Or am I missing something?


Adding text to videos is nothing new, I was doing it in 2007 and people were doing it before me.

The only real similarity is that they both use an OP-1 and both add rather pointless (IMHO) text which doesn’t really add anything useful or interesting to the video, aside from a bit of humour, I’d actually prefer it without myself.

I like RMR’s channel but I prefer his more recent tutorial based videos than his performance based ones but that is just down to musical taste.

The new guy seems to have been inspired by RMR but he isn’t copying or ripping him off, he is making his own stuff, as far as I can see?

From my own experience Retrokits basically copied my idea of making 8 channel passive mixers, using precision resistor networks. I could easily start making midi devices for Volcas and so on and under cutting him, but I’d rather come up with my own original ideas, personally.

Point being people will always copy a good idea, the trick is to keep moving.


I like these thoughts.

I see no issue, moving on.


Everyone making top down op-1 videos is a copy cat.

Don’t believe me - Watch this top down video @djthomaswhite with white text posted in 2011

then RMR’s first op-1 video in 2013 (notice how there is no white text yet)

But really they are all just copying the swedish house mafia one (your name) video (2010). Because that was the first op-1 video ever. Is it just a coincidence that it’s also a top down op-1 video?

Don’t let @TheMagpie shit post song (linked below because it’s a fun song) make you think that anybody is steeling anything from anyone. he is just trying to be provocative to make his video go viral (nothing wrong with that either)!

But if someone starts using a little mirror on their desk like Cuckoo I will be the first to grab a pitch fork and start marching (just kidding, lighten up and enjoy watching youtube)