Copying / biting video styles discussion


I already stole cuckoo’s mirror trick haha.

I told him too on Twitter, and he was chill.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback here, it’s given me a better understanding on the general consensus on this issue.

Anyone know who the admins are? I would prefer this thread to be taken down, as the OP, it’s teetering on the edge of a bullying tone towards RMR at times, and that definitely wasn’t my intention.


Admins are…

I don’t know if such thread should really be close.
Maybe change the name cause it’s less about RMR and more about copying style…


I own a sampler and a pile of records. I literally copy other people, that’s the point.

You don’t have to be Derrida to see that questions of ownership originality and authenticity were rendered empty by hip hop and house 30 years ago.

embrace these postmodern times.


Jazz before, Rock as well… plenty of songs that were reinterpreted.
Think about All Along Watchtower…

About copyright, the most interesting document I watch on the subject was Nate Harrison’s one in the Amen Break.


actually I would love to see some @cuckoo knockoffs, with a glued beard and the funny noises he does like dishh and zap!


there are already some other dudes with funny noises


I haven’t seen the copycat mentioned. I think Red has an original sense of humour, timing and mind, that I’d be surprised to see successfully replicated to the degree that it’s hard to tell them apart. He is a genuine artist to me. And his mind shines through in everything he does.

Genuine artists will be copied, and we just have to deal with it, I guess. When it’s in the copycat land it hurts, and it’s hard for me to really relate to why someone would go to the extent of making something so similar that it’s hard to tell for people which one is which. I guess it can be out of obsession, or for commercial gain. Hopefully not for hurting, but that could be a malicious motivation behind it too.

Either way, for me as an artist, I always strive to stay true to myself. Copying is hard to truly relate to for me. When you’re young, copying is a great way to study and learn though, and should be encouraged I think. But for publishing work… I hope even copycats start to feel the need for staying true, and finding their inner voice to stay true to.


Defending the …undefendable…Thanks for your view, i guess you guys have to stick together…fair enough




Interesting discussion. As for the top down view, imo it’s the best (only) way to shoot this device w/ total clarity for the viewer. Just makes sense. As for the copying, personally I would take a “copy cat” as a compliment. Not saying the person in question is actually copying. As for the few rude comments on this thread, this is literally one of the only places we visit that’s encouraging and chill, I vote to keep it that way.


by pitchfork i mean subscribe button. keep on keeping on. I love all top down videos. The mirror technique is awesome to!


I think you’re referring to Yuri’s videos, OP? I guess you’re posting this because Yuri is using a similar video style as RMR but is getting a lot more views? I don’t think you need to be upset about this… I find both RMR and Yuri make great videos and enjoy both; you don’t need to try to make this a fight between creators.

In terms of the information density and musicality, RMR is (in my opinion) putting out higher-quality, more entertaining content. And he did popularize the recent style of showing the music-making process in its entirety on the OP-1.

But for the average viewer, they’re going to find Yuri’s videos more entertaining because they’ll recognize the samples used and are interested in seeing how those are manipulated. Most people are less interested in the actual music-making process, and will watch the videos for the novelty factor.

I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s “copying” RMR in the video style; using a top-down view for synths has been around forever and even the original use of the OP-1 in the One music video was in the same view. There’s definitely no legal issue here, since it’s not a style that either creator can claim they started.

I think it’s just great that we’re getting to see some solid musicians making music on an instrument we all enjoy using!


Thanks for chiming in.

I’d just like to clarify that 1) I’m not upset about it & 2) it’s more than the top-down view that is being copied. I assumed that’s obvious to anyone with some aesthetic sensibilities.

I’m planning on creating something myself which is a 100% derivative of an existing popular published thingy, which inexplicably stands alone ie. More demand exists. I was interested in where people stand on this kind of thing and if I would cop venom. Seems not so much. To me the ethics & legalities are sound, and that seems the consensus.

This discussion has been edifying for me.

Thanks @cuckoo for chiming in! Your perspective highlights your kind & sensitive soul. Respect!


Just so that we know what we’re talking about: this video got viral just because the sound is good, and the video hilarious.

I don’t think Yuri Wong’s success is due to standing on RMR shoulders, more because he too got some talent and has some humor.
Well, the funny part is largely Thunder Tropic.
Op-1 on table with caption is broader than RMR style IMO.

Wong apparently likes to borrow things and make them his own.
Still, adding the original sampled video is a step away from Jeremy workflow. Playing a sentence with op1 keys and extracting the embedded melody is pretty awesome.
Wong’s other videos are not as good, this Dude track is ace though.


Technical Question here:

I’m new to the OP-1. He uses different parts of the sample in the same pitch. How is he doing this?
My samples are layed out on the keyboard the different pitch levels of the piano…

Hope this discription makes sense:)


He uses the drum sampler to do so :slight_smile:


Well, that‘s exactly what i thought. But i can‘t choose „sampler“ while in drum mode…

Guess i have to read into this:)


There are only two types of drums in OP-1 : either Drum (sampler) or the curious D-BOX drum synth.
I was talking about the first one.


the concepts of being true to oneself and expressing your inner voice, which cuckoo makes reference to, are romantic notions of the artist and art.

what makes electronic music, and sampling in particular, so exciting and liberating, is that it rejects these romantic notions.

remember kraftwerk? well, they weren’t even individuals – they all dressed the same. hell, they didn’t even seem human, they were robotic. and they weren’t artists expressing their true, inner selves through music, instead, they made it very clear they were technicians of machines. they rejected the romantic, rock n roll notion of the artist and music. they freed music from romantic strictures. it’s not about your inner life.

viva la machine!


Ahah, your vision is so romantic :smiley: