Crazy high prices on TE online store, are there any reasons for it?

Did anyone notice these crazy high prices on the TE store?

A new Op-1 949 euro!
When I bought it it was 799 euro!
It seems to me very weird…

I also noticed this after purchasing my unit in eBay for $840 USD new. I checked the site for accesories and was curious about the price increase. Quite weird…

Exchange rate fluctuations?

The euro rate has gone up quite much compared to SEK. Maybe that the reason?

140 euro of fluctuasions?

I don’t think so. In other online shops I see the old price, in one in Italy I could buy an Op-1 + Oplab for 999 euro…

That does seem weird, probably a bug. The price I see is $849 USD which should be around $745 EUR.

looking in germany… its €949 here for the OP-1 and €69 for the PO’s….

Could it be VAT-related?

I’m seeing the inflated Euro prices now and I’m in the US. My guess is, their customers (other retailers) have probably urged them to only sell direct at a higher price (retail).

Strange. At one of the major resellers in the Netherlands ( it’s €789,-.

To me it seem very weird…
Maybe that messy POs thang it’s makin’ TE goin’ crazy XD

And their store it’s almost impossible to navigate from the smartphone.

Site says limited availability, which probably means they've blocked their supplier making POs so one way to only sell a few OP1s is to hike up the cost.

Outside of that probability: € 949 - 194 VAT = € 755 . Maybe they're adding VAT twice inadvertently. it's a nag with the newest EU regulations about charging vat based on the location of buyer, not seller. Double nag with having to display prices with VAT on the site, but in the cart display them without.

Folks, it's most likely due to the strong USD:

€ value it’s higher than $

C’mon guys, these prices are crazy! Would you pay 949€ (1082$) for an Op-1? >_>
Please don’t talk of exchange rate fluctuations or taxes, it’s ridicolous. If it’s a site’s bug (I hope so but I don’t believe it) it’s better that they fix it soon, if not I think they’ll don’t sell many others Op-1s in the future…

I'm seeing the inflated Euro prices now and I'm in the US. My guess is, their customers (other retailers) have probably urged them to only sell direct at a higher price (retail).

I guarantee this is the reason. I’m a musical instrument retail buyer and in my experience manufacturers who sell direct do so at a higher price so they aren’t competing with dealers. I’m surprised TE hasn’t implemented this sooner.

I believe you, but so it’s better they don’t sell directly, 'cause those prices are… well…you know…

Well, the price here (brazillian IP) is $849 (USD). The dollar valued on the last months and the euro devalued, so it seems weird that it´s a rate fluctuation.

About competing with dealers (beyond the price discussion), the shipping rates from TE site are high and the 3-year warranty of Thomann is far more interesting that the 1-year that Teenage Engineering offers. I only buy at TE site when it´s my last option (which happened with the PO´s right now, with the awful results that we are discussing in other topics).

Yeah, an EUR 150 increase in the retail price and all that presented in the super-sexy typography & design TE have been known for…well, this seems just way more than a bug… not that I’d call EUR 800 cheap or even reasonable, but that was as much I could shell out last year for this project and now I’m kinda glad I’d done it. Does the nearly 20 % higher price mean that used OP’s will also sell for more than before?