Cuckoo Tutorial/ tips videos suggestions?

Hello all! I wanna make some more inspirational cuckoo tutorials. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to cover?

Man, thanks for your already inspirational tutorials. Maybe one topic I´m interested in is:

How to turn loops, sketches, ideas and sounds into actual songs? Where to start, where to finish? I often get lost in loops, bits and pieces and fail to build songs out of them.

Thanks. Andre.

Thanks! That’s an excellent topic. I think it’s universal to all song making, not only on the OP-1. I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

Maybe some pro-tips on sound synthesis and some creative ways to use finger

Nice @Erhenius. Noted. :slight_smile:

I second Addes recommendations. I find myself easily making loops, but fail to complete a song. In my process, I end up dumping my tracks onto a Abelton Live, and I think I do that too prematurely.

It would be cool to see your process strictly on the OP-1 and mastered to whatever weapon of choice you end up using. :slight_smile:

hey C. if you have an Oplab please do do some stuff between your elektron gear and several connections to the rest of the world.

would be happy to see WeirdKids saying …hey guys it’s Cuckoo… makes me Happy all the Time, for sure.

How about a lesson in Dancing!?!

then after dancing…

How would cuckoo makes a song on the OP-1.

Respect to the great Awsomeness that is yourself -Cuckoo.dont mean to make your head swell (too much) but you are ace.
I would like you to give a basic keyboard lesson on the Op and specifically that chip tune 8bit theme you keep dropping into.i get the vibe it’s in E flat/C minor type with A flat,Fmin,Cmin(maybe),but to see you drop it slow with your talk through would be excellent.hope you know what i mean.keep up your good vibres.

+1 to Adde’s suggestion. Going from ideas to finished songs is tough for everyone. Even just watching you do it once or twice would be aces.


Something along the lines of that Analog Rytm video… perhaps just start from scratch, jam around with some ideas and stitch them together into a song so people can see the whole process.

Maybe a segment at the end of the video about making videos. What hardware and software you use to capture audio and video and match them together.

I’d love to see more “beginning to end” videos as well, though I realize that you seem to work in a very free-flow, stream of consciousness way which makes documenting the process very difficult. Perhaps it would be interesting to see one video that shows the accumulations of various ideas which are then edited into a single song. Then the process of working out a melody and lyrics could be featured. Finally, combining everything into a finished track.

I realized that this sounds like a huge amount of work but you asked!

On an unrelated topic, could I suggest that you consider changing your Patreon pledges from a “per video” pledge to a monthly pledge? I would consider being a patron if I could anticipate how much that expense would be on a monthly basis rather than paying more one month and paying less another month, dependent on how many videos you produce. Just a suggestion. I do appreciate all that you’ve produced so far!

Buddy I deffo would patron you but I have no bank account or PayPal account.I’m very old school using shops, paper and coins-so the buskers and beggars of Liverpool get your share,sorry.Maybe one day I’ll buy into the machine,then I’ll be able to .Until then will anyone lend us a Euro so I can pay Cuckoo?
Sorry about this detour-more requests about video ideas …

Wow, lots of ideas. And many seem to like to see “the whole process”, so that’s definitely something worth making one or two videos about. As you say, it’s a lot of work, and I’m sort of freestyling the whole time. But even though it won’t sound perfect it might be helpful.

And @pfontaine2 is asking about the monthly pledge instead of per video on Patreon. Well, I’d like patrons to set their maximum monthly roof to whatever feels right for them. The best for me is if lots of people donate small ammounts per video. This July for instance, I probably won’t have time to finish a video, and then I’d feel awfully bad to get payment from no work at all, and it would geopardize the relation between me and my patrons, and my credibility, I think. You can freely set the maximum monthly ammount that you’ll allow, and it’ll all be just one transaction in the end of every month, not exceeding your montly maximum ammount. And everything will still be free.

@Lymtronics yeah I guess a small video tutorial about how to make a video would be nice.

@cuckoo I thought if you don’t make the video you don’t get paid.

Hi Cuckoo. I understand your reasoning and hadn’t thought of it that way. Sorry for the sidetrack…

@cuckoo - its summer…do something outside somewhere, even if its only getting a sample or two to put in a song (in the making a song one). That’d be fun.

I always enjoy your videos. Nothing from Cyprus?

Sadly nothing from Cyprus. I was feeling a lot of pressure, and focused on rehearsing, and getting the details and lyrics in place until I went up on stage. It was very shaky, but once it started I think it went pretty well. :slight_smile: