Custom Firmware on the OP-1




I added a new mod to the repacker ‘subtle-fx’ (not published yet). Is anyone still interested in that?

The idea is to make the defaults subtle so that effects can be enabled without making a big change to the sound. Useful for playing live.

See here:


I also changed the name of the tool to “op1repacker” (previously “op1-fw-repacker”).
Find it here:

Well, just wanted to see if that was possible. It was annoying to not be able to see all the tracks on the screen from a certain angle.
I'm happy now that I successfully moved the tracks to the top. Works from any angle now :D

Oh yeah dude, I was just making fun! So impressed that you were able to do that. And yeah, the tracks along the bottom are annoyingly hidden a lot of the time.

Out of curiosity, have you found any new stuff in the FW and/or progress with reverse engineering the FW?
Just interested since I had such a long break from the forum and tinkering with the OP-1.
Also I accidentally found your presentation slides via google. The content was great and the slides looked beautiful too!

I'm now implementing a mod for the repacker that changes the FX defaults to be less intensive...

That’s a great idea.


yea @wavi u are the man. glad to see u poking around again

changing the factory presets in the repacker tool is a great idea too.


I just released version 0.1.1 of op1repacker. It now includes a “subtle-fx” mod that turns down the FX defaults.

With that enabled you can hardly hear any difference when enabling any effect. I love that and makes stuff like ambient live playing so much easier.

Another major improvement is that you can now install the tool easily, so you don’t need to use git or figure out how to download it. Hopefully this makes it easier for people.


Pretty awesome!


Hey a quick heads up! Before I do anything about swapping factory presets I want to add presets to the iter synth. I’m looking for patches by the community. See here:

Hey a quick heads up! Before I do anything about swapping factory presets I want to add presets to the iter synth. I'm looking for patches by the community. See here:

Awesome! I have a few that I quite like, will dig the out of backups


is there a way to have the unlocked filter a selectable effect instead?


@モブス Yeah, that’s the whole point here :slight_smile: ! To get filter and iter to show up in the menus you’ll need to install custom firmware. All the info is in this thread. For the easy way, use:


thank you. officially the awesomest thing i’ve seen here.


I’m sure these threads are giving someone at TE heartburn.

Good work though.

I finally made a design for the iter synth. Took a while since I only have Inkscape and I needed to write a converter script to make the OP-1 understand the SVG file.

I went with the chemical lab experiment theme because the synth seems to be, well, experimental and because the sound slightly reminds me of acid synth sounds.


What do you think?


That’s incredible. You’ve channeled the OP-1 style perfectly!



That's incredible. You've channeled the OP-1 style perfectly!

Thanks! I tried my best to keep to the general vibe.


you’re 2018!

awesome graphics…jesper.