Disk mode now can save any loop

teenage engineering shared a post on Instagram: "never lose a loop again. save your loops in disk mode with the new OB–4 update. head to the orthoplay app to download.
what’s new:
- added disk mode that lets you play your stored loops
- play white,...

Has anyone tried this yet? Looks like a game changer!


Can’t seem to see the link, it’s the latest Reel from their IG account: OB-4 Save function

Just updated the orthoplay app. And there was some info page when the updated got presented. But I pressed update too soon and I couldn’t read the info anymore.
When in loop mode press and hold input and play will save the loop.
But how do you play the saved loop?
Hold play when in disk mode
: noise mode and loop mode
Great update!


nice addition!

tweaked nearly everywhere, glide has a bigger range, retrig gets faster, Ambient Algorythm is also full of new things, it’s now in the counterclock position like AI creating a wonderful synthwave collage. :ramen::ramen::ramen:

looping time has been increased and I guess they‘ll pop up as plugs within the OP-Z App. :construction::raising_hand_woman::alien:


Does anybody know how exactly works… saving, playing, selecting and most important… erasing loops??

How many loops can we have?

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-add simple/party bluetooth mode
-add noise disk mode
-support strong loops
-enable fm stereo
-various bug fixes.

I’ve still got the low volume warble on mine but it does sound quieter.

sorry, but… how does it work the update? I opened orthoplay app on my iphone, switched on the ob-4 and… nothing happens.
I can’t see commands in the app that let me upgrade my radio

App open (on Mac desktop), ob-4 in BT mode, box comes on screen about updating, click box, should then transfer. Took me two goes though.


so doesn’t work from phone app?

Update your iphone. Worked for me.

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updated the app, nothing happens :pensive:

I’ll try with the ipad

iOS needs the update not the app.

ok maybe it’s because I have a beta ios version… 16.2 beta2

Yes probably.

delete and re install orthoplay, it‘ll pop up. :ramen:


done it, it works! :space_invader:

Sweet there’s even 3 different noise modes with tweakable amplitude

noise is the very thing my ob-4 didn’t need;)

TE hasn’t advertised this update, so are we effectively beta-testing it?

can someone give me an example of how to use the noises??

Will be handy for keeping my toddler down for a nap, or helping myself sleep without headphones in, as I have tinnitus. The different colors of white noise and amplitude will be handy to dial it in