Doubletrigs on OP-Z


i‘ve recently discovered some unpredictable double trigs around the key of C.
I do have a misprinted unit and would love to hear if you got the same issues with your OP-Z.
i do have to say that the buttons are not laid out straight like the pictures show them. they do Look some kind of stretched into the case.
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That could be due to an intermitent electrical contact at the button. The POs are notorious for that. I think someone mentioned here some similar problem with the OP-Z shift key not registering. Someone else also mentioned that more than ideal force is required when pressing the keys. It would be good to hear from others to get a better sense of how reliable the OP-Z keys are…

yes. it feels like the rubberdome trigs the Sensor twice or more while holding it just straight down. :frowning:
TE May have changed not just the printing

yup…you gotta put some force on them in order to keep them down. otherwise it easily doubletriggers.

I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone else had this, because it happens more frequently than I’d like too. Also have an early misprinted unit.

Reason I’m worried is because I spoke to someone from TE just before launch, and they specifically said the beta units had a problem with keys double triggering because of the type of rubber dome used, and that the final version would not have that problem. Concerned they made the first batch without fixing it.

yeah. i just hope that TE hasn’t changed the Units itself. the new pics do look like they‘ve changed the space around the buttons! they do look better integrated with more tightness.
i don‘t like that feeling, because it’s the same 599€ Price tag.

I also have this problem. I was hoping it was something a firmware upgrade could fix. I have one from the first batch. Curious what people have to say about this that are getting them now with the new icons for the step components.

i have a first batch unit with no issues

I had one of the first batch and I had issues with the shift button doing double trigs (other buttons seemed to start to go in this direction too). TE replaced it for me though and it seems better but haven’t really broken it in yet like the previous one. Not sure what new images @JohnnyEgo is talking about where the space around the buttons looks different. I would hate to have a unit that’s different from what’s being sold now.

@oxxi How long did this return process take? I don’t wanna be without my Z for months but I’m also worried this could start happening on other buttons and get worse. Def annoying on the Shift button when I try to do to the effects page and it jumps to the LFO section…

that last picture…

It looks the same to me. Could be the angle of the picture that makes it look different.

It was surprisingly pretty quick. I sent and got it back within 2 weeks.

yeah. I think it depends on the angle and such but the doubletrigs are predictable when holding a key at half…which happens when you roll your fingertip on a key…it seems to me that the first key of C is more responsive to doubletrigs…but leads me to think that this key is mostly used while banging with the master track and such because it has the same behavior like OP-1 where this is the original tuning of a sample or the original start point of an Arp or seq.
hhmm…question is: Is there a physical difference between the units?
i do have the old „256 patterns“ box which is now printed with 160 patterns.

i don‘t want to rant or something.

I guess the only way to get a definitive answer to that is asking TE directly…

but I love the old printing

I posted this message on OP-Z bugs topic, when I found this topic which is more specific. I’m sorry for the duplicate message, but I think I’ll find a better answer here.

I have a last batch OP-Z unit with the new icons, and I have some retrigger problems mainly with two white keys. In general, it works fine, but sometimes the keys retrigger when the key is released. After testing these keys, I think that the pressure to restore the key to the normal state is less than other keys, just a little bit lower, and it happens mainly when it’s released slowly, or because when you are pressing keys fast, sometimes I don’t press the keys with same pressure when playing live. The keys that have this problem are located around the middle of OP-Z, the white keys between the black keys 3 and 4.

Is this the same problem with the first batch of OP-Z or was the problem with the first batch even worse? I don’t know if I have a defective unit or not.

…same here. I think it has to do with the module spacing under the Keys. if I hold those 2 keys independently with a bit of pressure they both put in trigs as long as I hold them this way.
i do Hope they kinda wore out and the problem is gone but I do have a feeling it’s getting worse by time. we‘ll see but would be nice to get something half official here

Ok, at least I’m not the only owner of a second batch of op-z with this problem. Maybe the upcoming midi module will add pressure to make it work properly.

I’m not sure it’s just because the flexible and deforming case (yeah, it’s got a slight arc in the middle). On my device not only the keys do double trigs but the SHIFT button also initiates multiple presses though it’s being held resulting in lost functionality and iterating through parameter pages.