Doubletrigs on OP-Z


Have you considered exercising the warranty?


Considering. But I don’t what the seller can do in this case. Maybe they send it to TE for a repairing session. Or request a replacement? I should wait months for it to happen :smiley:
However I see a sort of slow tendency on this issue.


Hello. i don’t really know what are the differences between the ‘batches’ mentionned here, i have an OP-Z since one month with a M printed for the Master track, and i also have triggering issues since one or two weeks, sometimes trigs act like an arcade game’s turbo-mode : infinite random multi-trigs when holding, or just an echo trig when releasing the key. it begins to happen a lot and not only with one particular key. i’m a bit worried about this, considering this topic, i never had that issue with Pocket Operators, i’m not sure if i have to wait as much as possible to let TE fix this as it looks like a common issue, or if i should contact them now because this would only concerns a few units… :v:


The first batch has different icons for the spark step components. If your OP-Z has icons with arrows on these keys, is a second batch unit. I think the first batch could have more problems with the keys, according to some comments, mine is a second batch, and I have no problems holding the keys, my problem occurs when I release some keys that generate an echo retrigger, I hope that it don’t get worse over time.


i think we should respect that just the printing has changed! hardware wise it’s really the same.

i can‘t imagine that TE won‘t check the buttons with machined hammerhead tests and such.
like industrial grade testing. I do hope it’s because of stiffness and feels better after some hammering. I don‘t know


i think so, but for the OP-1 this is mentionned : “expected lifespan of 10 million keystrokes per key” , while there’s nothing about the OP-Z keys. i remember having some double trigs on the OP-1 the first months, i think it has disappear over time. i always thought that for any machine this could be prevented by the firmwares, by limiting retrig speed to human possibilities, i don’t know, there could be something in the code like “the internal keys can’t retrig before 0.1s after release”…

at this moment i’m still able to use the OP-Z without problems, so i’ll wait and see. :v:


just in case…please hold the 2 Keys independently underneath the black button 4 as soft as you can while running a long recording to see the trigs you make this way.
it just works on those two buttons at least for me and some others…it‘s the difference that breaks the vibe


really thought the same about the button information.


i tried these 2 keys and had no issue at all… but i have multiple trigs on the A and E key (near black buttons 3 and 5), i didn’t try the whole keyboard but i think there are some other keys affected…


of course! but it’s in the range of the module slot.
i doubt it needs some pressure from underneath…the flexband buttons need a hard surface.
should put in some cardboard or something


i’m sorry but it happens on A 2 and surely some others anywhere on my unit, and i think there’s no way to find this acceptable, i expect TE to fix this :v:


talked to a reprep and he said TE looks two times in for repair and after that they exchange the Unit.
are you actually sending it in?


Suddenly also getting this on a first batch OP-Z. It’s the first F and C key.


yeah. it’s remarkable on all gen OP-Zs.
the Buttons are made on a flexband, the op-z is so tiny that even a difference of +- 1-2 mm leads to an unwanted behavior. the one guy who‘s actually dissembled the unit had a flexcable that was so crammed that he said it might break in time. :frowning:


How about SHIFT key? Do you experience that it often loses its functionality while holding it and starts iterating through parameter pages?


Not yet


Mine is second batch and all keys work as they should no double triggering.


I have a second batch OP-Z and have been keeping it in the original packaging. Recently I got the official TE PVC rollup bag and was thinking that when I put the OP-Z in and close the bag and put it away with the TE label facing up, the OP-Z is actually upside down with the buttons pointing down.

Could the tightness of the rollup bag and the fact that the OP-Z is upside down cause the button issues?

I don’t have any button issues (yet), but can you with issues post if you use the TE rollup bag?


it has really nothing to do with a bag or cramming it into something.
it’s underneath some keys and trigs if you hold it halfway through or with at least less pressure.
the big question is: does it wore out or would it get worse!?

Time will tell or someone from TE


For me it’s getting worse as time passes and more I carry and use it.