Doubletrigs on OP-Z


My shift-button also startet to not work properly now and then. After roghly three weeks of usage. I have the feeling it’s worse if I use it on my lap and not on the table. But it’s not a big issue, yet and I can still work with it like that. Double triggs are not yet an issue with my unit.

On the other hand, the pitch bend now works MUCH better than during my first days. First I had to press real hard to pitch down, now it works just as smoothly as pitching up.


it’s getting worse for me too, it’s very annoying for saving presets, but i didn’t send it back yet, i’m waiting a bit more. so far i can say :

  • i can have double trigs / multi trigs on keys : Shift, F, G, A, B, C, C#, E, F#2, G2, G#2, A2, D2, …
  • i can have problems when releasing the upper function buttons also (Project & Mixer), it sometimes acts like it keeps holding until i press it again

i have the keyboard version 1.1.16 (OP-Z upgrade mode -> systeminfo -> version.txt), i have spent tens of hours on the unit but i’m careful :v:


The fact that can get worse over time, this discourages me a little, I have my OP-Z about three weeks, and from the beginning I already showed some problems with some keys. In my case, it’s not getting worse, and I’m using it every day. At times it seems that it makes less doubletrigs, maybe the temperature affects this problem, sometimes I’m playing and it does not present problems, as suddenly it starts to play notes when it should not. Maybe is time to ask TE, or the shop where I bought my OP-Z.


that’s exactly my feeling! sometimes it feels like brand new with no doubletrigs and on the other day it trigs so uncontrollable.
thought about temperature and such aswell! don‘t know.


For those that have doubletrigs problems with OP-Z, did you notice if your OP-Z is stable leaning on a table? Because my OP-Z is not stable, it seems that the case is a little deformed, maybe this could be one of the reasons for doubletrigs.

Anyway, I will bring my OP-Z to my local store to check this issues this afternoon, I hope that they could solve my problems with OP-Z.


As I wrote it before I also got a lot of double trigs (as well as unstable shift button operation) and my OP-Z is also deformed a bit.


My OP-Z will be send to TE. My local store said that I’m the first returning an OP-Z with this problem. I hope TE could fix all my issues with my unit, or replace for a working one.


ok. so i think my unit is faulty aswell.

i would love to see an OP-Z with a zero percentage of doubletrigs.

by now it’s really a vibe killer, for sure


y’all try spraying some compressed air or contact cleaner (deoxit) in your buttons?
see if that helps? they might just be a lil dusty/dirty. couldn’t hurt?


no please don‘t recommend deoxit or something there’s really nothing inside the OP-Z that could activate something like an Oxidation like in early 80s equipment! compressed Air is cool but deoxit will melt down the inner components on a chemical basis.


Mine is flat and doesn’t double trig, but it doesn’t bend either without worrying I’m gonna break it… I think some might have gotten the molding process wrong or something.


just sent my OP-Z back due to double trigs :frowning:

i think i could have dealt with the double triggering note buttons, but the shift button was doing it too and it was making step component entry really frustrating!

hope the replacement is double trig free :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yesterday I decided on sending it back too…for me it’s the track-button that did it. It’s no fun selecting tracks, if it doesn’t register half of the time.


got a message that this problem only can be solved by replacing the Unit!

the German supplier had no idea about this problem at all! I think it’s really rare

now it’s time to wait for a replacement :nerd_face:


Yes, it seems that the only solution is a replacement, in my local store they said that I am the first customer that returns the OP-Z to repair this problem. Now I’m waiting for my OP-Z replacement unit, they said it should come in a few days (after six weeks of waiting), the unit was sent from TE, so I’m waiting for the call to pick up my OP-Z.


early adopters :upside_down_face:


It may be a quality issue with the tactile switches used, assuming this is what TE is using under each key and not some custom keyboard solution.


i think it has mostly to do with the layout of the button strip and the way it’s melted in place. if within this melting process the pressure to the keybed isn‘t enough i think there’s a lil gap like 0,5 mm it will doubletrig or at least the flexband buttons are to flexy under the keys.

it’s an issue, waiting for my replacement :smirk:


Hello friends. The track button on my OP Z is also doing bad stuff, sometime it’s ok sometimes it’s double triggering. I feel it’s getting worse. Guess I’m gonna ask for a replacement. I had the first batch. What TE said to you ? Are they aware of that problem and ok to replace units ? I know they don’t have a good customer service. Very disappointed because I love my unit… :frowning:


I had a first batch op-z w/ a wonky shift button. TE replaced the unit and I received it 2 weeks from the time I sent it in (from USA).