Doubletrigs on OP-Z


I might have to do this too, my shift button seems to have a dead spot where it disengages if my finger pressure is a certain amount. I end up losing trigs a lot!


should arrive the next days. maybe the change of icons is really an indicator, and the button behavior is saved so I can compare with the other one. don‘t know what’s in the box


nope, the one i sent back had the new icons


oh no


but with my newly arrived Qunexus I think it doesn‘t matter. hope the arrival is an A grade op-z. :nerd_face:


got an x3 OP-Z.

it feels great. everything is centered correctly and no more doubletrigs.

was waiting for about 15 days!

now it hopefully stays forever


I have my OP-Z again, I have a new replacement unit, this unit is totally flat, but also makes double trigs. I don’t known what I can do, another six weeks to receive again a faulty OP-Z?


iam out


By all means, do it. The OP-Z keyboard is not serviceable, once the waranty is over there will be no option for you…


btw. now is the time for Qunexus as THE opz controller.

pressure ccs / tilt ccs / cv,gate / midi channel rotation / visualized with opz leds

grabbed one for 80 bucks / nearly as new with plenty of warranty. morphagene in seconds on tape track by default! :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:


oh i‘ve seen that the new OP-Z has plastic inserts over the knob indicator leds. my first one only had some holes there. the Print is much sharper and thinner aswell! the structure is more swirly on all places so i think they’ve mixed more fiberglass into the housing…


I just threw the towel, my local shop gave me back my money, I don’t want to waste more time to receive another defective OP-Z, I don’t think that TE can provide me a working OP-Z, and the store doesn’t want to know what happens with OP-Z, if it is a common problem or not, they only knew that TE spent almost a month to reply them about my warranty, a distributor of music products, what can expect a normal buyer?


oh no…I’ve had this run with Elektron and the hassle with updates and shit.

the OP-Z packs everything I liked about the Elektron Sequencer and delivers a huge amount of variation. especially when using external gear with the OP-Z (Synth, analog Drums etc.) logical.


damn that sucks. my replacement is supposed to arrive on wednesday. really hoping to be free of defects this time.


I called to my local store, they accepted to test a third unit directly, I don’t need to send the second one to TE, and it makes double trigs also! At least there are less keys affected, I have one day to test, but it seems that it doesn’t work.


Finally, I will return my OP-Z, the third OP-Z has 4 keys that make double trigs, but not very often, it could be acceptable because the membrane keyboard used in OP-Z could have this issue, but one of them do it a lot, repeating trigs when pushing and also releasing. I can not understand these problems with a technology that is used a lot on computer keyboards and I never had these problems with a computer keyboard.


I agree. That’s not normal. What have they done ?


Well, friends, when I see all your messages I don’t know what to do. I’ll wait a little bit to see if it’s going more bad for my track button. But I’m scared to send back my op-z and to have another one with double triggering. I’m beginning to think to ask my store to change for another gear… Digitakt or something else. I love the OP Z but 600 euros to have a bad unit. Damn.


I have a new opz and I get doubletrigs every now and then. I seem to notice it more when I first turn it on compared to after it’s been on for a while. Hasn’t really affected me too much yet.

One thing I did just notice after I upgraded to current os: sometimes when I turn the opz on it makes a real loud constant noise and the mic light on the side turns red. I turn it off and then back on and it works fine. Didn’t do that before I upgraded. Anyone else have this?


Does anyone think this double triggering problem could be an OS issue ?