Download "missing" synth engines or sample-packs without the app?

Hey there,

since I don’t own any supported Apple-Device to use the OP-Z-App (yeah, stupid me):

Can anyone upload the sample-packs and/or synth engines, that are accessible via the app but not initially installed on the OP-Z?

I did not really miss the app (yet), since I am not too much interested in the video-functionalities etc (yet). I like the no-screen-workflow. But it would be nice to at least have access to all the “official” samples and engines.

it seems like that can be done via content mode, check out this thread:

Thanks a lot!
I already used content mode, but did not really “count” the different engines in all the folders. And of course knowing their names now really helps.

So only the “SAMPLE”-engine seems to be missing. Or does it not have a dedicated engine-file/-number, but is used automatically if you import a correctly prepared sample-file to one of the folders?

Apart from that, I’m still looking for the additional drum-packs, which I guess are only available via the app. At least I heard/read somewhere, that new packs are already available.

the sample engine is whatever sample file you put in the folder. You can find drum samples, and synth samples ready for the op-z on

You can use any of the op-1 synth samples, but you can’t use the op-1 synth engine patches at this time.