Ep-133 k.o. ll

I’m wondering about the ep sample utility. That’s web MIDI, yes?
I read this in the interview with David Eriksson-

“Another feature our beta users really liked is a little web-utility we made that we call the “ep sample-tool.” It allows dragging samples to/from the device to your Mac/PC/Linux in a convenient way.”

Does Web MIDI work on a Macbook? If so, Chrome must be installed, correct?

I read somewhere, I don’t know where, that samples can still be imported by connecting the EP-133 straight to a computer, but the loaded file names will not be read by the EP-133. Anybody confirm?


Good question. Now I’m wondering what can op-z do that ep-133 can’t?

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OP-Z (which hasn’t really gelled for me workflow wise) is a fully capable and advanced sequencer, does sampling, but has it’s own synth engines too. It does an insane amount of stuff, really.


Fair. The ep-133 is just sampling. From what I understand the samples can be pitched into a scale with the different pads.

Crazy crazy crazy release from TE. Ordered directly yesterday :fire::fire::fire:. Let the wait begin….

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I’m guessing they kinda overlap. And we’ll be seeing an EP-Z/OP-Z field soon enough with new capabilities.

Just checked TE. The EP-133 is sold out. That was fast!

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect usb out from ep-133 to op1 field usb in and get them MIDI-synced?

With my Woovebox, Web MIDI works in Edge nicely, (I don’t personally like Google’s background updater) and in Firefox but there is an extra checkbox required in the Firefox settings to enable it.


Thanks for the information. I’ll look into Edge.


Has anybody who ordered the EP received a shipping notification yet? I am currently in the states and have not received one.

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ordered Wednesday evening from Germany, still no shipping notification.

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Thank you for the response… I ordered on Wednesday as well… I will try to remember to update this forum when I get a notification.

Update: Just got my shipping notification!!!
Friday 11-24-23

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ha! nice. still nothing here…

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i ordered mine wednesday afternoon in boston and nothing yet but i eagerly await it :grinning:

my friend ordered his at 11pm california time and hasn’t got his confirmation but his order confirmation said please allow 30 days for delivery!! my hope is he got the very last batch or something

I ordered Wednesday my time which is early Thursday TE time. My order email says to expect a possible 30 day wait for delivery.

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ordered direct from TE minutes after it went live. got a shipping notice hours later. Still at the label created stage. Hopefully i get it next week.

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Mine arrived today from my local retailer here in Canada. Unfortunately however the speaker is not working. I’ve reached out to TE support about it to see what they can recommend.

Not sure if I need a sampler, but love the design. Pressure sensitive pads, especially. I want to see how good it is as “vanilla” drum machine. Not entirely sure about this from the demo I’ve seen. Could be a replacement for my Arturia Drum Brute Impact, which I generally like, but find the lack of per-step automation somewhat frustrating.

Is there a step sequencer mode?

Edit: I’ve found the answer. There is, but it doesn’t allow to punch stuff in at arbitrary steps via the grid, you have to “navigate” to the appropriate step by using + and -. That’s an unfortunate omission. They have 16 buttons with 16 LEDs. Should be possible to use them to directly enter sounds at various beats.

A curious omission given this is the step workflow of OP-Z / Pocket Operators / Woovebox


that sucks wow. te warranty is great but still a pain ugh.