Female Producers.

I do believe it is true there are far less female producers than male. Amongst the producers I know there is a real search and want for female talent right now. I would say if I know 50 producers, 2 of them are female. I’m always looking for new female artists as they under-represented. Grimes, Toki Monsta, Laurel Halo, Jessy Lanza, Paula Temple, Suzi Analogue, VHVL, Smurphy. These are some of my favourite, but sadly largely the only female producers in hip-hop/electronic. Here’s a chance to share your favourite women of electronic music, and educate others. Also, would be great to hear from any female members on the board.



My fav female producers: Kate Wax, Holly Herndon, Fever Ray, Cooly G, Grimes, RYAT, US Girls. I’d also add TuneYards - she may be more of an experimental songwriter than an electronic music producer but her works are definitely worth checking out.
Thanks for the recommendations, will give all of them a listen. Great topic!

I love what I’ve heard of Kot Kot. The tape that the studio version of this song is on is great. Hard to find anything online tho. Just searched YouTube and found this, I was only the 2nd viewer…


Way better audio/video quality on these -


Joanne Pollock (also worked with Venetian Snares for the Poemss album)
Mira Calix
Sorry no time for links, gotta run…

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is my current favorite at the moment.

I was introduced to electronic music by an ex-girlfriend who is a great producer.

DJ Shiva, Rubidium, Annie Hall, Rebecca Ciaglia, The Black Madonna, Punisher,

Alexandra Atnif

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is my jams too. She know her way around the music easel.






AGF : inBETWEENmovies (can't find this song but I really like it)



Oh I use to listen to this ones !!


I feel like I’m failing at life. I don’t know who any of those are.

Hey, are they actually "operatrices“ in these places ?

oh and Cio D’or!



Whenever I see “Studio Tours” or whatever by outfits like FACT Magazine, it’s pretty much 100% dudes. Same with reviews and demos of electronic music equipment.

This isn’t limited to electronic music, either. Most of the literature about guitars is written and read by men, despite the presence of just as many female guitar players.

It’s not as lopsided as in the electronic music world, though, and it’s disappointing because we are only getting half the music we could have PLUS companies that produce things like samplers and synths are only making half the money they could because they aren’t selling product to women (if you want to look at it from a greedy capitalist perspective.

I agree that Grimes is a monster producer. KAS is also really good.

There are a lot of other pretty well known females doing electronic stuff (mikachu, pharmakon etc off top of head) and obviously going back you have Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram etc. But agreed, it’s much rarer to see females reviewing/demoing hardware etc in DIY YouTube stuff.

if going back then let’s put Wendy Carlos on this list, also because gender should have nothing to do with this

Then… I discovered Rrose yesterday :slight_smile:

Yeah I forgot Wendy Carlos + Suzanne Ciani. Love a lot of stuff I’ve heard from both of those too. I’ve only really been getting in to electronic production the last couple of years. I really need to go back and dig through/educate myself on the lesser mentioned female artists, feel like I kind of stopped searching after I found those that are most often mentioned… And I still haven’t gotten through all their material! So much out there…