Field Accessory Review

i wrote a review of most of the new drop over on lines:

i’m super happy that TE makes accessories so i appreciate that they tried to make some fun things to go along with the hardware stuff. but their textile design language is so over produced. so many loops and straps and velcro strips and branding tags. i liked the jumpsuit in the marketing campaign though.


Much appreciated! Glad I read through this.

After wanting them all,
I decided on none, but felt the accordion bag could be a good come up, but reading more I think I’ll hold off.

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I would maybe get the backpack if it was 100 (euros, dollars) and feel guilty about it, but for 250 its beyond ridiculous. Not to mention that if you actually used it regularly it wouldn’t be white for very long.

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if you check the thread over on lines, i wrote a little bit more about the accordion bag this morning. all of these accessories are ok enough if you just had them laying around for fun. or if they cost 1/3 of the price. i really don’t mind paying for good design, its just that i don’t find these designs actually useful. and beyond that i don’t find the designs provocative enough to keep them just to look at. for example, i’d cop the yzy shdz right away even if they aren’t good sunglasses. i think the design is enough to just get them as a design object that’s inspiring.

Got the t-shirt, the notebook and the key ring.

Love the t-shirt, wearing it today.

Using the keyring and quite like it. It feels sturdy, hefty and present, kind of. Weights in my pocket, rattles in my bag, makes itself known.

The notebook - I don’t know. I was perhaps expecting more from that one. But I’m a notebook snob, so go figure.

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Excellent overview, and cool that you are honest. Yep, it’s style of practicality as usual. Looks ace on a photo but after a few weeks of use all that lovely white gear is just gonna look grubby (hence the wee brown mat to sit your bag on haha).

You bought 3 (?!?) record players? One to use, one for spares and one unboxed? So that’s where half of their stock went! Looks like you’ve a got yourself a collectable in record (hoho) timing my friend!

If anyone is after one of those £250 backpacks but wants something more durable and larger then I can recommend the Roland Boutique bag. It costs under £50. And then just sow a TE patch over the logo.

I got the record cutters as Christmas gifts, and 1 to keep myself of course :wink:

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You gotta do a cover version of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree to spin on it with some crimbo lights.

I hope someday that my wish of having Xmas every other year comes true.

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@instantjuggler does a pocket operator in the CA-X case fit in the accordion bag?

I mean I could hardly get my naked po in there. Can’t imagine with the added size and friction of the case material that it would work… though maybe it’s theoretically possible with some real effort and force.

does your PO have the hang tag? I assume it wouldn’t fit with the hang tag, but dang I feel like it could be a great case for a PO-33, TX-6 and cables in the three slots, but it sounds a bit iffy. I miiiight give the accordion bag a shot.

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I wrote a more detailed description of putting the po in the accordion bag over on the lines thread if you have a chance to check that out. The po sticks out slightly even without the hang tag.

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