Field Desk

They did say there would be more products in the field product line… not sure this is what I’m looking for, but it is interesting none the less…

It’s quite an expensive desk, curious to see what people who buy it think of it.

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Complete dirt, not even a cool design.


Slightly disagree with you - I think the only interesting thing about it is the price…

Looks great. Wish I had the need for a couple of them.

Of all thing that would have been a good IKEA collaboration (for customers), it would be this. But then I suppose IKEA have more expertise in that area.

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im sorry but what? 1599? i generally love te products but… it even LOOKS wobbly.


my thought? pricing and lack of accessibility (unlisted product) make the audience clear…it’s not really for general consumers as far as i can tell

the weirdest thing is actually the name

why tie it, at least nominally, to the field line? it’s not really portable or useful on the go like op1f or tx6 are…


Tried guessing the price but I was out by 1,350.


double sided formica birch plywood??? as if it were a boast!
they looked better to say “rubbish”…


Field & desk…
Chocolate fireguard

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Price is relative. I can make music on an inexpensive computer but I prefer doing it on the op-1. I could sit on a crate but I prefer (and choose) to sit on a well-designed chair.

Desks are no different. There is no shame to not want (or not have the funds) to spend a lot of money on a desk. Especially if there are obvious and viable alternatives. But there is also nothing wrong with spending a lot if that is what you care to do (and can do). And one can spend a lot more if you wanted, too.

So price aside: Personally I very much appreciate the architectural/industrial aesthetic. I also like the clear use of cross-bracing to make something airy looking stable. And they designed it as an entire system and I look forward to seeing shelves and more, next.

I also like the likely inspiration; Eames Desk Unit – Design Within Reach

Same for the material choices like the table top (birch plywood): Eames Wire Base Low Table – Design Within Reach

If you want to talk about price and material there is plenty on DWR to sink your teeth in :slight_smile: search refinement – Design Within Reach


Looks like they are planning on releasing accessories to go with it?? They mention that I the specs. I’m guessing like drawers and stuff? Maybe a mountable power supply.

I could t help but laugh tho, the absolutes mad lads


From the very funny Elektronauts thread…


I do really like it. Yet again TE come up with a product that I didn’t know I might want. Super brilliant! :smiley:

To all the haters: Think how cheap we got op-1 field, if a simple desk alone nowadays costs almost the same price. You can hate on TE all you want, but they know what they are doing.:rage:


Not hating, just having a laugh.

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This is what also confuzzles me. A big designer desk isn’t something one would use in a/the field. A small, fold-out, camping style unit that has space for the ob-4/op-1/mixer/po’s is something I can imagine, and something that would sell quite well for around £300. That would make sense with the Field moniker.


There’s art and there’s fart and that desk is the latter.


love this forum


At least they still make PO’s, proving they’re not exclusively interested in making expensive products.

max load
75 kgs / 165 lbs

It looks very delicate…