Finally got an Ipad! What DAW to get?

Excited! My first ever iPad so I’m wondering what is the best DAW on the device to work with an OP? Thank you.

Imo, you can’t beat Cubasis. Check it out.

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Another vote for Cubasis

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I use auria. Works great. Classic interface. Cubase seems easier though. Garage band works too. I find multitrack(app) difficult to use.

Get Korg Gadget too! It’s not a DAW though but …

Another vote for Cubasis.

As a user of Cubase on the PC it was a must for me as I can open projects from the iPad on the main computer.

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yes, Cubasis, but at the moment there’s a dirty little bug the developers are trying to address.

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If you can wait, I’d say wait until the new version of Auria drops to make your decision between Cubasis and Auria. To me, Auria support has always been better than Cubasis, and the MIDI and audio features that Auria Pro will include are pretty incredible. Cubasis won’t come close unless Steinberg has something amazing up its sleeve. Also, file management with Auria is MUCH better than Cubasis (if that sort of thing is important to you).

In my view, if you don’t use Cubase on a PC/desktop/laptop the decision is clear, provided you can wait for the new version of Auria (if you need MIDI).

If you use Studio One they have an iPad app that lets you send the song from the iPad to the desktop. Wirelessly even iirc. I think it’s pretty basic, though.

Well they are only around 300mb so I could always get both eventually. Cubase is $49, Auria is on sale for $14 right now, fairly expensive for an app but if it is the best DAW on iPad, I guess I have no choice =d. I also see Knights of the old Republic there…

What’s the bug? I don’t like those kind of surprises.

Cubasis is a great app, simple to learn, easy to use and thorough.

LOL! The App Store doesn’t accept Paypal in Canada? What year is this? LOL!

I have to buy iTunes gift cards right??? Guess this will have to wait until tomorrow…

EDIT: I can buy iTunes credits on Paypals digital store, but I can’t just use Paypal to pay for things on the app store… 0.o

@joshsmith KoToR is great on iOS! I recently got it on my android phone as well so I can play when I’m out and about. The touch screen controls work great!

Boots up Cubase

Hmmm, this looks complicated. Could take a while =/
Boots up KOTOR instead
=d =D

Okay Cubasis! Ready to go! First question!

How do I enable the line in audio signal?

That’s really all I need to know…
Playing around with the included drumkits and synths. Got all of it down, that is everything figured
out except how to enable and record line-in.

The instruments are surprisingly good. Love the overdrive and amp sims. Heck, I love everything. Just wish
I could figure out how to enable audio in. That’s all i need to start going crazy, but the stand alone app is very good.
But please help I can’t figure it out lol.

You should see a “Routing” section on the left of the screen - expand that and then set it up there. I use an Apogee “Jam” to get my guitar in there and it works great.

Full Auria on sale right now. 1/2 price. $25. The effects & IAA functionality are gorgeous on Auria. Still love Cubasis too.

Can I record regular line-in audio music samples? Doesn’t seem like it’s working.

Tried a couple cables. There isn’t anything I can do in Routing. Not picking up
anything other than the built in mic. =S

I don’t need one of those trrs plug splitters do I? I was trying with a regular audio cable.

EDIT: F’d up big time, from randomly trying everything, Now I have no sound no matter what I do. Ooops…
Had to reset the entire thing. I guess I do need the plug splitter thing obviously.

You should definitely get an iOS interface since you’ve invested in Cubasis :slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen someone using one of those 5-way Belkin Headphone Splitters, do they work good? If not I’ll just try buying the official iphone/ipad brand splitters. Maybe I should switch to mac, for music editing purposes that is.