Firmware update - 1.1.27

Definitely having some issues with this firmware, today I did 5 bounces in project7, backed up to PC, ejected OPZ and when it restarted project7 was gone and other projects were messed up, patterns in wrong projects and metronome volume turned up on all projects, I did a restore of the whole memory but it was the same. So I checked the backup file and noticed that instead of all the project files being 335kb, project 4 was only 8kb, and projects 5,6,7 and 10 were 0kb.

The worrying thing is that before I did the backup everything was fine, backing up somehow corrupted the memory, and of course the backup was corrupted too.

BUT - GOOD NEWS - I just noticed that in the bounces folder you have the bounced wav and also a backup of the project which is 335kb in size, so I dropped it into the last good backup that I had, by deleting the previous project7, then I renamed the bounce backup file which is just called “project.opz” to “project07.opz” and it works as before.

I seem to also be experiencing the inability to load in .aif samples into the sample track, even the ones downloaded from They disappear after I eject and let it automatically restart.

Wav files placed into the synth track load with no problems at all - I dont even have to convert them to mono 16bit.