Free online audio signal processing course

Hi, I just enrolled on a signal processing course on Coursera that sounds interesting, I thought that some of you might be interested as well:

Let me know if you sign up! =)

Hey @vehka, very interesting - right up my street! Thanks for posting that.

I am now your class mate :slight_smile:

Cool @yoof, we can split the homework, eh? =)

Haha, meet you 10 mins before lectures and we can scribble each other’s answers down :slight_smile:

I signed up too. A little warning, though - I have a hard time staying awake during class. I may need to borrow someone’s notes. Just nudge me if I start snoring.

readies Ban Hammer

sees @vehka and not the owner of Coursera

puts it away

Carry on. lol…

lol @KrisM

topic name edited to avoid unnecessary edtech advertising! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol oh I don’t care if their name is in the topic @vehka Another forum I’ve been on had stuff like this going on, except that it was the owner posting it and ‘free’ wasn’t very free.

I am about to enroll. You think one can get through that’s never done Python code?

Same question here, I have no experience in python

Python is pretty simple if you know anything about any programming language.

I would sign up, but I already have a bunch of outdated (read: ended many month before) courses there that I haven’t even started watching. Their material is usually excellent, but many classes are pretty demanding.

Well I signed up. I promised myself to never do Fourier transforms ever again… seems I will break that one

Yeah, I know @KrisM, was just kidding… =)

@Erhenius & @flybry I think you’re in for some extra work, but like @Gambler said, I think Python code is really easy to read. Also, if you know some coding, this is an excellent resource for learning Python:

Cool. I’ll take the challenge!

I had a peek into the course last night. The swotty ones amongst us are already able to start some setup tasks (installing Ubuntu).

… or we could just sack it off and go grab a beer in the student’s union? :wink:

I couldn’t stay in my dorm room last night because my roommate and his GF’s PDA was way out of hand and I didn’t want to see where it lead. Hence I overslept this morning, what’d I miss? How much does this class cost? Is it really free?

@Tribrix, yes, it really is free.

The course starts today :slight_smile: People are starting to say their hellos on the forum and discuss stuff like the derivation of Euler’s identity, yikes!

I got as far as installing Ubuntu and going through about 6 of the videos. Excited!

I won’t have any study time until the weekend… Hope the course’s not super mathematical, otherwise it’ll be way over my head!

I think we do have to get familiar with about 6 mathematical topics, but the lecturer said don’t worry, we don’t have to any calculus - phew.

no calculus? aaaaw bummer