FREKVENS hack for copping

if anyone here is interested to purchase the FREKVENS collection at IKEA, here is a hot tip which might help you-

the roll out is really random at all locations. some have stock but its not out yet. some are “sold out” of stock today but are getting regular restocks overnight etc. etc. but here’s what you can try:

  1. go to your IKEA and use a computer terminal there in store! the collection is not online but it should pop up on the internal computer system. even if the collection is not out on display yet. all the items should be listed and with real time updated stock numbers for your store. even if there is stock out at your location but they don’t have everything on display and it seems they don’t have stock, you can try this trick. you can see what they really have in the back or not from the computer.

  2. select what items you want and add it to your cart.

  3. check out and in the process it will ask for your email address. type in your address and locate the resulting email in your account with the order number for everything you want. make sure you have this email available and the item numbers in hand.

  4. GO TO THE HOME DELIVERY DESK! show them the order number. they should be able to pull the items from the warehouse in back and sell them to you there!!!

also, if this doesn’t work at once, don’t give up. you can try this again and again until it works, depending on the different employees working at the time. no one really seems to know anything definite and eventually you will find someone who will let you purchase. good luck!