Future Classic Machines

In years gone by we had the 303, 606, 808, 909’s from Roland, The classic old MPC’s from Akai and synths like the Moog Prodigy, the Jupiter, Juno etc

All of which have become classics within electronic music in terms of their contribution but they’ve also become design classics for the way they look - we all know them and they are instantly recognisable even with the slightest tease of a glimpse of one.

What would you consider to be this generations classic (and design classic) noise machines and boxes? and future classic predicitons too!

- OP-1
- PO Range
- Moog Mother 32
- OTO Machines Biscuit
- Elektron Dark Trilogy
- Elektron MonoMachine
- Monome 40h (Lying Dalai)
- Korg Volca Series (Lying Dalai)

Would things like Maschine or Push would be included in this list as they are something that is evolving with the software and will have constant updates under the same name.

Wouldn’t Monome 40h (2005) be the first 8x8 grid controller ?

Such interface is already a design classic, and should be added to your list IMO :slight_smile:

It may be thought as an extension of the MPC, though… (MPC60 : 1988 !)

I do believe the Volca series is going to be considered as a classic too. The very low price range, the cool features (automation, touchpad-like keyboard) and the fact that you can enhance it with an external sequencer via MIDI makes it very attractive, so I guess this format will stay and spread. The next Volca FM is going to be a huge success, btw.

I would see multidimensional polyphonic expression controllers such as Seaboard Rise as nex-gen classics… Well, maybe we still need to see low-price interfaces for these to spread…

I’ve added the Monome and the Volca series to the list - two good shouts.

With Seaboard yeah they are pricey at the moment and although wonderful in terms of functionality and design still remain to be proven.

Monotribe - ubiqutous and the first widely available analog all in one groovebox (drums and synth)
Electrix Repeater - less than 1000 made but legendary and instantly recognisable
Machinedrum - c’mon!
Tenori On - Quirky and unique in many ways
Grendel Drone Commander - best sounding drone synth and built into a old ammo case!
Doepfer Dark Energy mk1 - soon after being discontinued it rose in price on secondhand market, because it has linear filter FM with excellent tracking and sounds badass.

Monotribe is a good shout!

I’ll just let folk list their suggestions from now instead of having to continually update the original post :wink:

Korg Kaoss !!
I remember an Eno interview were he rated Kaoss Pad as one of the only recent innovations of last dacades.
I would include Kaosillator with this design classic.

Btw I have nearly as many as you @darenager has Monotribes.
The’re great chained together.

@Speric_El word! Love the KP2 mini and KO2 mini, even though they literally murder AAA’s in no time :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: yes shame about batteries in v2.

BTW on the subject of the Electrix Repeater, it makes an excellent companion to the OP-1, you can record the loops you have on your tapes into it (both have 4 tracks) and free up the OP-1 again. Also it handles loop points better than anything else ever (IMHO!), no clicks which makes it really great for ambient work.

Def monome - I think Brian nailed it with the grey scale iteration. Mpc for sure. The pad design and workflow are amazing. I suppose it really depends on if you are looking at aesthetics only? The monome has been a real drag to use (for me) due to numerous iterations of software and my lack of programming talent haha!

For “looks” the monome grey scale, and op1 are absolute standouts. I would add the midi fighter 3D.

While the elektron stuff is fantastic they aren’t (to my eyes) aesthetically pleasing.

Midi Fighters and KP2 Mini yeah.

I think the Octatrack, as much as I love it, will be more like the Ensoniq FIZMO or Kawaii K5000S. Uncommon and niche, and less common as people break CF slots and don’t get them repaired >.> a little tongue in cheek there.

I don’t think Push or Maschine will be. I hope nothing absolutely tied to a computer is ever considered classic anything. People have enough trouble with Nord modulars as I recall.

Apparently I have nothing to actually add to the list, just the conversation.

Perhaps the LXR some day.

Oh! Arturia’s 'Brutes I think, especially the Micro and Mini SE with their sequencers.

Which MPC is the most iconic? MPC60 or the MPC2000?

I’d say the MPC2000 was probably the most mainstream wasnt it?

The MPC3000 is a thing of beauty and then MPC2000XL for me.

For my part, I would add the Roland Boutique series, I know it’s a reedit, but that’s simply awesome, the sound emulation is fabulous, and the design is fantastic !

The Korg Monotrons too and the Monotribe :slight_smile:

It may not be cool, but I consider the original Microkorg to be a classic. Along with other affordable synths, it has helped bring synths to the masses and as such is easily recognisable. Plus I am a stickler for a bit of wood on my synths.

Along those lines, I’d also throw in the Minilogue. It’s selling faster than Korg can crank them out. Not an instant classic, but I’m guessing it will be some day.

If it was up to GearSlutz all of them would be at exorbitant gear collector pricing >.>

I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Sub 37.

What a great beast.