Hidden Choplifter game on OP-1

Stumbled upon a youtube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZdO9zxkPZE

Does not have my OP-1 with me at work to try this. But there should be a hidden game if you press the synth, drum, tape and mixer at the same time.

I confirm, I found this video about this Easter egg a few days ago.

I am very bad at this, it’s rather hard to play, you have to use the coulour knobs to direct the helicopter, I can avoid crashing for a minute max.

That’s about 30 seconds more than I can do, @LyingDalai!

Yup this has been around for a few years now I think. It’s stupid hard. I’ve heard of people who have beat it though!!! (They work for T.E).

Choplifter (a “Defender” variant originally on the Apple IIe, I think) was always hard, but I imagine playing it with rotary encoders is especially hard. I’ve purposefully never learned (until today) how to access this feature on the OP-1. Guess I’ll be having a go now. lol

Nice request for the coming update; Different levels :wink:

@meneervincent, I would rather TE spend their time on a version of Meteor :wink:

try getting to this point :slight_smile:

Photoshop!! Please tell me it’s photoshop!

Thats sth for the Gas thread!!! Well done!

Respect !

@yoof Nope, I’m just a pro at this game. :smiley:

You gotta get through 2 of those weight-scale-door-switches, and some tight squeezes, to get to that point. I don’t think there’s anything past it though.


How do you do this? I can’t tell from the video.

no the Gas Station is the End:

no the Gas Station is the End:

WUUUUHH! Where did you get this pic? So crazy. You with T.E?

ooohhhh... that looks like lander.svg :-)

the question is, whatever happened to ape tape?

What is this ape tape you speak about?

Tape Delay Effect? HP = High Pass, W = Wet / Dry signal?

This is an effect you unlock by reaching the ape cave.

Or it should