How do you syncronize your OP-1 with other equipment?

Hey all,

Usually when I sync my OP-1 with other gear, I need to hook it up to my computer. I know this isn’t the only way to do it, I know you can syncronize it with gear like:

Iconnect Iconnectivity
Kenton Midi USB Host

Are there any other ways you use to sync the OP-1?

My dream soluction would be a mini USB to midi kabel.

Using the iconnect to sync with the ipad and arturia beat step.

I use a Kensington portable wifi hard drive to send back ups from the op-1 to an sd card or the ipad.

Haven’t tried using a controller keyboard directly though the sound on sound review says you can.


At this point you can only truly Sync via MIDI, and each of the devices above can do that.

"mini USB to midi kabel" he said : < oops, it seems to be big usb


Via USB hub using iPhone or iPad with MIDIbridge app

I came here looking to start just a thread as @karbonckel, but i’ll post here as a calculated risk, i hope you don’t mind.

As @duncmc mentioned, i already have a powered usb and midibridge. To me midibridge seems redundant and does nothing, for i can sync without it but at the same time when i try to use it as a midi filter it does nothing. I spent a week trying different setups within midibridge to no avail.

But my primary issue is it seems impossible to sync an ipad which uses audio inputs. For example my ipad mini syncs fine thru the cck or usb hub and i only need access to the outputs. But My ipad2 however, which is reserved for sampling, is hooked up to the i/o dock and all that’s left are the actually real MIDI jacks. You see where i’m getting at? And like @karbonckel, i’ve been aware of the iconnect2+4+ect, Kenton, and OPlab for a while now, but i don’t know which solution is best for me. All i can say is i don’t wish to use a computer. My setup is an op1 + two ipads running into a dj mixer. So i thinks it’s safe to rule out the iconnectMIDIs for that since the OP cannot to audio thru usb right? All i wish for is a solid sync without daisy chaining stuff. And it seems you need a computer to send an audio pulse to one of them sync generators that them modular guys use.


@Blipsford_Baubie, is this what you have? Alesis I/o dock? I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do, but there are solutions - especially if you have that dock.

Yes @kites that’s the one. I even dusted off and tried plugging my old uc-33e into the USB hub and then, midi cable from uc-33 to i/o dock, but no luck.

As a side note, i can remember thinking how nicely my uc-33 sat next to my iBook 10 years ago. Now i can’t believe how enormous it looks sitting next to my newer music making devices things!

So as you can see my rig consist of the iTrack dock w/ iPad Air , og iConnectmidi with unpowered usb hub, beatstep, Volca beats and op1. The itrack dock has a USB port, perfect for the og iconnectmidi and in essence everything connects to the Iconnectmidi first and then Itrack dock. If I want audio synced with midi notes I just plug it in direct to the itrack dock, thus giving me synced midi notes and an audio recording on to ipad Daw (cubasis). Occasionaly I’ll use Midibridge, but it still confuses me, so Audiobus seems to glue them all together.

Ah. But here is my problem. Your iTrack has the USB standard A-plug. My I/O Dock has the USB standard B-Plug. So in my case, it appears i only have two options:

  1. If need audio inputs, connect to I/O dock.
  2. If i need sync, connect to CCK with or without the powered USB hub depending on if I’m using the Quenexus too.

It seems i cannot have both audio inputs and sync simultaneously. I never thought they could exist but I just searched for USB A to MIDI cables just now and found a couple things.

I wonder if this will work from the HUB to the I/O dock. I’m gonna call my local GC Center to see if they have any.
Ok they told me they carry this:

Ya I was going to suggest those usb to midi converter cables, they work with my iTrack dock as well, but in my experience they tend to go out of sync with the ipad. But anyways, you might have a good shot.

Hey man. So i bought em today and got lucky, yes! As a side, this whole entire time i could have used a usb cable from the hub to usb Type-B on the i/o dock and saved myself $36. But i swear that did not work when i tried the same thing last year! But something made me try today for giggles. The host thing mixed me up at the time and i tried something stupid like HUB to computer host and HUB usb to CCK.

Well i got 30 days to return it, so i will run some comparisons for fun to see if one is less tight than the other.
I’m just ecstatic that all three things are in sync now. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it, you should post your setup in my thread
It would clarify what you really wanted to do ;0
Also, what apps are you running? Do you have a DAW? I still have trouble syncing with my Itrack dock and the iconnectmidi.

I got an email from TE that currently MIDI sync is the only way to sync op-1 to any external gear…
bummed that Oplab really does not offer any other way to do this.

Ha, I didn’t realize you started that thread. I’ve seriously been wanting to take/post a pic, cause it’s already been set up for a few weeks and looks the nicest i’ve ever had it, but i would feel like a phony until it became functional. Well i definitely got the main kink ironed out. The rest are inconveniences that have work-arounds. For example, the op1 instrument responds to midi notes from my sequencer. It seems to receive omni by default because making changes in CNTL MODE of the op does nothing. I cannot stop this from happening even if i use MIDI bridge filters. And the same thing goes for korg gadget. I’m going to have to swap out the gadget for DM1 since the midi receive channels are configurable in DM1. Too bad cause i really love the LONDON sounds on gadget and the drive and compressor sound better than DM1.
I think it’ll make more sense to explain the apps i run when i post a pic in your forum. In short, yes i use Auria as a DAW only as a live processor and to glue THOR and DM1 together.

Pardon my ignorance. I’m seriously not trying to be smart-ass, but what other way is there to sync the op1 other than MIDI? Do you use SMPTE or something as a master? Maybe i don’t understand your statement.
Right now my OP1 is being synced from my powered USB hub. It’s not too bad. It takes several minutes to drift some but i love the fact that it can be so effortlessly corrected using the blue encoder, no need to stop the clock! :slight_smile: You just need to remember to realign the loop i/o points to the tape markers when you change tempos. I find that SHIFT+>< and then setting the loop i/o works much better than using the green encoder to do it with the visual flash alignment indicator. It drifts quicker cause the loop isn’t as precise i guess. As a matter of fact, i don’t believe the op1 drifts at all. It’s just that as a slave, the clock doesn’t stay exactly on tempo, it fluctuates by a few tenths as any other stave does, but the loop length is locked to a point as opposed to a beat, like that of a DAW. Because when i use the op1 as a master, my software won’t drift. But hardware as a master supposedly is more accurate so i dunno if my speculation is the real reason. I just happen to be in a situation where all my stuff only syncs as the ipad mini as the master. Despite all the apps that are running on the mini and the CPU maxed out, the ipad2 never ever drifts (maybe cuz it’s only running Samplr and the op just slightly.
Sorry for rambling :-[

My objective was to slave OP-1 to my modular.

wait…i thought that was the whole point of OPLAB? mixing midi, usb and CV msgs all together?

Oh ok. Hmm…i have a MIDI to CV box. I guess it can’t be done the other way huh.