How to mix individual tracks instead of group

I know you can mix all drum or all synth using the green and blue dials in mix mode but using the app in mix mode you can slide individual tracks. How do you do that without the app?


Yellow lights red encoder.

Thanks for the response! Can you be a bit clearer in confused. Unless you mean to press shift while in mix mode??

There’s a mixer page in each of the drum / synth tracks. Select track, then press SHIFT several times until the LEDs under the dials turn yellow, then turn the red dial to adjust the volume of the current track (the other dials control stereo panning and effects send levels).

Also, there’s a config file available when you mount the op-z on a computer where you can set the op-z to stay on the same parameter page when you go from one track to another. When set up like that, for example if you are on the yellow parameter “page” on the kick (all encoder LEDs are yellow), then switch to the snare track, you’ll still be on the yellow parameter page instead of going back to the white page, which make that mode particularly useful to mix individual tracks faster.

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Ahhhh that makes sense. Okay got it thanks!!!