I need a broken connector board for the OP-1 ASAP

my power switch seems to be broken and the OP-1 starts up even in the Off position and crashes itself until the battery is empty, works fine when turned to On.

iam looking for a spare connector board just to re solder the power switch!

if you have one with a broken mic or input output jacks iam highly interested! :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:

have u tried cleaning hte switch yet?
might just be dirty

has happened to mine a few times.
cleaning it was all i needed
a lil deoxit works great

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yap? I have some deoxit here but thought that’s not the right way with this switch!?

but for future situations iam open for a spare one! :))

worked for me. deoxit works on pretty much everything.

for best application u gotta pop open that bottom plate to expose the connector board
and get at the actual switch behind the switch cap

if u spray from the outside, it doesn’t always get inside the switch mechanism to clean up any dirt/gunk that may have built up

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i can say it feels like new after deoxidation and it’s a day & night difference between sliding the on off switch or clicking it into the position like it is supposed to.

pro tip

nice! glad it worked out for u… saved u some bucks :slight_smile:

yea i had to do it maybe twice a long time ago and haven’t had to do it since.

woke up and the OP-1 was awake, too! :frowning:

so it feels better but it has not worked at all.

i guess I have to wait for a spare part :raised_hands:t4:

JohnnyEgo, literally just changed my connector board as the line-in on my previous one had broken, though I feel it could probably be fixed with a little delicate soldering. You still after a connector board? I’m in the UK by the way.

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yeah great!
iam highly interested and would love to receive yours if possible.

at least it’s flat enough to be shipped as letter.

DM incoming :white_heart:

u could always try spray again. might have been real dirty?
did u work the switch back and forth for a hot minute after u sprayed?
and/or u could try to reflow the switch joints?

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both! I’ve resoldered the joints to make sure the switch is a dully. Unfortunately it is and also made sure that i‘ve sprayed it twice. :new_moon_with_face:

ifixit stocks OP1 parts.

I had to replace my board when my input jack wouldn’t switch to line mode. Took me 5 minutes to swap it out…

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yeah that’s great! as some people mentioned they‘ve changed their boards Iam looking for the unused broken boards to de solder the switch to my board. :slight_smile:

what about yours? :))

Long gone buddy. I’d send it to you if I could…

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i’m just gunna leave this here…

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Fix here:


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