I need a good field recorder

Ive read the Zoom H4n is good but has a bit of noise. But has a handy reverb feature. The H5 and H6 improve but Amazon reviews say the Gain has got worse??

I can now see that live playing increases workflow and variety. And is fun to video. Are these still the best options?

Many thanks

Definitely not the best. Name your budget. =)

For budget options, the Zooms are great though. I’ve used a Zoom H4 and a H2n.

My budget is £300 or so.

I’m interested to see what people suggest

I have one of these, a Sony PCM-M10. Not too expensive, regarded as a good recorder and I’ve liked it quite a lot. I was looking into the Zooms but many people praised this one, so I figured I might as well. Doesn’t have the XLR’s and 6 channels of some devices, but it’s very functional.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the battery life is astounding. I’ve had it for maybe a year now, and I still have the original set in.

EDIT2: AAaaaaand it’s discontinued. Sorry :-/

Shame the pcm m10 is discontinued, was just about to recommend it too! It’s more compact & pocketable than the zooms, and is really quiet too. If you want a field recorder for soundscapes etc and don’t need multitrack, it’s a better solution. May even be worth trying to source a new or nearly new one from somewhere

Yep I love my M10. Had mine about 7 years now and it’s pretty beat up, should probably take better care of it if they’re hard to find.

Olympus LS100. Super clean preamps. Better sound, fewer ins though.

Great thanks for alternatives. I will see if i can get a used Sony. How do you guys use your field recorder? Do you use it for Live recording? thanks again.

This is probably a dumb question but can i record directly to a field recorder like the Sony M10 from the OP-1. Bypassing the external mics. So a line out to a line in with just a single cable. Cheers

I’ve got a Zoom H1 that I’m more than happy with. Bought second hand on eBay for an absolute steal!

Ive been eyeing a h4n as well because I want a mic to capture sounds of my forest walks but i dont want to pull the trigger yet any suggestions besides that sony m10 since i like to get my gear brand new

search on ebay for the sony m10. it’s worth the effort.

@eesn it looks nice but expensive compared to a brand new h4n pro

heard great things about the Rode ixy mic for iphone. This way you always have a simple and good quality recording mechanism with you. The best recorder is the one you carry with you.

This thread at the lines forum might be interesting: http://llllllll.co/t/field-recording/4644. A lot of opinions on recorders, pres and mics.

h5 is great plenty quiet enough preamps, better than h4

@eesn it looks nice but expensive compared to a brand new h4n pro

I’m not affiliated with Sony :), just think it’s an awesome little recorder, and a hacker-sound-designer’s best friend. There’s a reason people on taperssection go on to buy three or four.

h5 is great plenty quiet enough preamps, better than h4

The new H4N Pro's preamps are identical to the ones in the H5 and H6. This is spelled out very clearly on Zoom's webpage.

I meant compared to the previous h4 which I had before the h5.