If you had the chance to return your OP-Z?

That is correct, @punji. In fact, I believe that might be the issue. I wish I had taken more pictures. If you look at the first pic I uploaded, you’ll see that the magnet is not in the machine. That is because it’s actually seated in the bottom of the plastic ring. If the plastic piece is not wide enough, the magnet forces the whole assembly up. My new one gets here on Sunday (thanks Amazon Prime) and I’m hoping this was a one off problem.

Ok cool

My OP-Z dream is over. Just got my second brand new one, in a weeks time, with the exact same encoder problems. This time it’s the green, blue, and red encoders that are “floating.” I’m so frustrated because I had such high hopes for this magical little sequencer. I ordered both off of Amazon through PAC Solutions. Here are some pics of the orders showing that I’m not full of shit.

Now some pics of today’s delivered OP-Z.

You can push them down, but they just slowly rise back up.

That’s so strange… I’ve had mine now about two months and is always been fine, I really don’t know what’s going on but since you bought them from a lesser known company off of Amazon, I’m wondering maybe it was a batch of them that had this problem? Since they both were from the same company that probably sold you one from the same batch they got, I doubt they sold all of the batch they ordered. That sucks because it’s a great device, I feel like it deserves more praise then it gets but all this encoder problem has really salted it’s reputation. Maybe you could try the new squid, it seems like a great sequencer for the same money.

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Hey @Kja, I completely agree. In fact, I’ve decided to keep it and make TE fix it. It’s sequencer is just too powerful and robust to pass up on. I was comparing it against the Squid, as you mentioned, but the features on the OP-Z are unlike anything else in this price range. I will update the thread when I hear back from TE.

might be worth trying if u are handy
doesn’t seem too complicated

Hey @docshermsticks, thanks for the reply. I saw that post as well, but since this is a brand new purchase, I want to give TE a chance to make it right. If Amazon (and by proxy PAC Solutions, the supplier) have a bad batch then everyone involved deserves to know. Perhaps this will turn out to be a really good customer service experience and I can give TE a glowing review. Either way, I think everyone here, and also everyone in the future who might read this thread, deserve to hear what TE has to say as well. I’ll post once I hear back.

Yes the workflow is really really good, is really easy to make really organic sequences and I feel like the way it swings it reminds me of older mpc’s. I use a digitakt too and I love it but the sequencer in the opz feels much more organic.

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I’m right there with you! Love my Elektron boxes, but the OP-Z sequencer just clicks with me.

The squid has some ryt cool features like pushing ahead or backwards in time throughout the passage of a phrase.

Can you get direct support from TE given that you did not buy through their site? As far as I know you cannot…

Hi , mine has the same issues, bow , pop up encoder ! Bottom case shakes !
What should I do ? I bought in January!
Thanks !

I just got a completely stress free return and new unit from vintage king USA. Even though I live in Australia. Highly highly recommended store. Best service ever.

I think you should use your warranty and have a replacement or fixed device

Any news from TE on the encoders? Thanks!

I’m on my 2nd unit now. Low A note is double trigging like mad now though :thinking: Track key is jittery, and has to be pressed real hard.

I just wish there was a way to fix the double trigger issue. At this point I’d be even okay with having to solder.

My shift button is getting pretty loose and sometimes wont engage unless I press pretty hard. Even still im keeping it lol.

Mine also has the encoder and button press issues. Glad to know some other people don’t have this problem. Will see if I can get it replaced.

Thanks for all the info, everyone.

I agree wholeheartedly. This is a great machine and it deserves attention for how great it is and from TE with the warranty aspect. Maybe if we put a petition together and showed them that we love them and our machines but we feel they need to do right by the device so as to not tarnish the legacy of their innovative and ground breaking devices.