iPaders... iMPC Pro looks tight!


Now 12.99 over 19.99… get it while it’s hot!

iMPC is kinda like the MPC60, this looks more like the 1000-2500. Looks great, want!

I’m on the fence about this one. On the one hand, by all reports Beatmaker 2 is an MPC-ish app tha tstill has more features and is more stable - people are reporting various bugs with iMPC Pro. On the other hand, people are saying that iMPC Pro looks more slick and might have a better workflow for some people.

Wouldn’t it be cool if these were emulated firmwares? ie, this one was a 2500 and you could hack jjOS onto it?

Yeah, it’s early for me and expect a little random idiocy >.>

Hopefully Akai, er Retronyms >.>, brings their A game if they want to compete with Korg on iPad.

I'd like some feedback on performance w/ iPad 2.....


@Unflattered gotta dust one off!

After messing with beat maker and every drum machine/ sampler for ipad. I’ve decided I only like ipad for synths. I do want the huge Richard Devine sound library though! Anyone know if it’s possible to extract all the samples from an app to make OP-1 kits? Or do you have to just records all the sounds and chop em in a daw etc.

The Samplr app still beats this I think as well. That MPC name is just money in the bank tho.

Ditto, I’m passing on this as well I think. As much as I find the current version clunky, it still looks like BM2 has more on this. And supposedly the new version of BM will be out soon too.

You might be able to if you jailbreak it @Virtual_Flannel, ssh into the iPad and pull out the files you’re looking for. I’ve changed system sounds on an iDevice by using ssh to replace the files.

How’s the sequencer? Are you forced to a grid like nano studio and bm2? One of the reasons I sold my ipad.

@ sound bank for which app?

Hey unflattered. I use an Ipad 2 in my RIg. The only thing I have found that slows it down is Korgs Gadget with more than seven instruments open. Also some of the crazy audio processing software can slow it down such as audio to midi. But for the most part my Ipad 2 can handle everything I have thrown at it. But i would say its at the end of its lifecycle and as new apps come out It will be noticeable.

O and multiple apps in Audiobus works flawlessly.

@KrisM word thanks for the info! Not a jail breaker tho!!!

@dimi3 I Want those 1400 Richard Devine samples that come with the new MPC Pro app. I’ve made OP-1 kits recording sounds from iPad drum machines before. Would be better quality and save time just to have the files tho. iPad apps make for such great sample fodder.

jailbreak, get samples, restore firmware? or is that too much effort and/or jailbreaking for you still? Not a shot at you, just a thought/possible solution hehe.

I usually never hack or crack anything. For moral reasons, last time I downloaded an album from a torrent my iPod got stolen for my car. I believe in beat Karma. So try and keep things legit. Pretty lame, know I am in the minority in this one. Everyone seems to have every movie, song, VST, DAW these days on the crack. Kind of a disadvantage, but pray for the beat god to even things out.

@Virtual_Flannel +1

It’s not lame at all, I wasn’t saying jailbreak to get a cracked copy of the app lol… if you paid for the app I have zero fucks to give whether you pull the samples out of it via SSH, or spend six years of your life sampling 1400 drum hits lol.

I own and have paid for everything I use.

if you have an iOS interface or USB interface+CCK you may get better quality than the headphone jack, but iirc most, if not all, iPads have a Wolfson DAC so you’ll have something good to work with.

Alternatively, set up a “song” with a chain of sequences that plays every last hit in sequence, hit record and go to bed. When you wake up, find some program for your computer/OS that will slice via zero crossing or beat slicing or what have you.

As long as you don’t try and sell the sample library after that as-is, you’re pretty-much in the clear.

okie so here I go putting myself in the asshole category, if you aren’t making money off something you are playing around skies the limit, when your cash is low. but the moment a penny is made off what ever it is! pay up.