KDJ-ONE vs. OP-1

loved this little checklist on the KDJ-ONE kickstarter page:

Haha! Man, KDJ-ONE. What a waste of effort. So, close, could be so cool, but in the end looks like a terrible interface. The graphics are uninspiring and it doesn’t seem to do anything rather interesting. Looks like a sub par iPad workstation in a neat game boy. Sorry just the fan boy in me going off. On the plus side, the price is not too bad. I’ll be interested to see videos and stuff.

Interesting little gadget…

i think it is not right to compare the two. i like the thought of using the two together.

@VF i smell ya!

These demo songs do not make a compelling case for this device.

To this point I don't see any innovation, just repackaging and pleas tell me how this is any different than an iPad mini with keys?

@Virtual_Flannel , not at all mate, you are SPOT ON. You are not being a fanboy at all. Though let me show you how it's done. :p
Man when I saw him goofing around with the piano roll.......It reminded me screwing around in piano roll endlessly instead of just playing the piece. But oh wait....KDJ-ONE note keys are too goofy to get any serious playing done.....buuuuurn. God bless TE. I can go on for a while here, but let me summarize it with a metaphor.:
If the OP-1 is this dainty blonde Swedish girl which I always compare it to, the KDJ-ONE is her fat, ugly, yuck-mouth, crooked-eyed, mentally challenged cousin from American (no offence). Oh she is cheap too, not that it matters.....
Boom, queue fireworks and credit roll...

Thing looks WACK. And they are WACK for comparing themselves to the OP-1. I’d love to see a comparison sheet against this and iPad. That would be funny. Nice try

@erhenius ahahaha USA all the way! Can’t we just be known for the sexy iPad instead?

Frankly, I’m a bit dumbstruck how something like this can leak out from the giant tech world of Japan. Especially, with a team who attended Tokyo Instittue of Technology (among the top engineer schools in the nation). Was the rest of the team just rejected staff from Korg and designers from the original Gameboy?? And, to add salt to open wombs, did they really have no choice but to get a Slipknot members endorsement?

How very sad.

Best thing about it is the open SDK. Imagine OP-1 having one…

I was not immediately unimpressed with this gadget. It did look to me like an OP-1 competitor, but unfortunately it incorporates many of the things I hate about DAWs in the first place (automation, piano rolls, etc). Like others have said, why not just use an iPad and a mini keyborad if this is what you’re after.

And I agree “did they really have no choice but to get a Slipknot members endorsement?” How is he helping increase my confidence in this item? Plus, when you watch him work with it, it looks too tiny to be comfortable, unlike the OP-1, which could even be played by someone with fairly large hands.

In concept, this seems solid, but the details don’t seem right, and I haven’t heard anything from it that impresses me. Lastly, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING KNOBS (you morons)?

didn’t they already try to make this a couple years ago? what was that thing… they took presales i think even, then vanished

yeah I’m wondering about that, too @docshermsticks this is not the first I’ve heard of this supposed wunder device.

I’d rather have an iPad Mini Retina and Gadget tbh.

And fuck right @Tribrix, don’t build hardware without knobs, that’s like cake without frosting and who the hell wants that?

srsly i love gadget…

Re: Slipknot.

I think the Beat Thang was marketed better.

Just noticed in the rewards: Savings of $404 off $799 retail value.” Puts the $395 price tag versus OP-1 (listed at $850, but can be purchased new cheaper) in a different light.

didn't they already try to make this a couple years ago? what was that thing.. they took presales i think even, then vanished

Yea, I prefer the looks of the original myself.

Can it just be this already?? Hahaa, these beautiful concepts were from Glenn, (don’t recall his handle) which was originally posted in the ol’ fourm, many moons ago:

IO! We have a fuckin christmas album to put out!

it is a gadget… take it leave it. make music guys! ignore what is vapor ware dujour!


if this comes out someone will take the sdk and make a better interface and it may outsell the op-1. something like jj-os for the mpc series. biggest complaint folks have for the op-1 is the $ bottom line.

even more interesting… Will it blend!

Compared to the ever surprising OP-1 these examples all sound like a Gameboy to me. I think the market doesn’t need a badly designed OP-1 wannabee upgrade. I think the OP-1 users will stay with TE… at least I’ll buy a new release/product from TE because they are innovate and fresh. To be honest, the primary reason to I bought the OP-1 is it’s looks and it’s interface.