Kordbot - New Gear to Compose Easier and better

Long time lurker, first time poster. Hi all.

I came across something today that I want to share with the community that gave so much to me last year…of which I contributed nothing.

Like others here, I have very limited musical theory knowledge.

A company called ISLA instruments released something called a Kordbot today, which basically lets you select any type of chords by buttons and desired note/key, helps with chord progressions, is a great arpeggiator (TE please include in next update) and assists you to create your dream composures…all by midi. It’s pretty unique. If you think its not for you, still check it out.

I am in no way affiliated with these guys, however this has been the answer to my dreams and I want to share it with all of you TE’ers.

Kickstarter link below

Let me know your thoughts on this

Ooooo that looks rather awesome. I miss this from type of feature from my old QY70. Love the strum plate, reminds me of my old Omnichord. Shows I sell my gear too quickly…

I also have limited theory, mostly playing by ear. I found the “chord wheel” really useful… And cheap!

Www.chordwheel.com I got the book for £cheap on eBay.

@ghostly606 yeah that is what heaps of people were saying on a reddit (/r/synthesizers) post I saw which led me to the kordbot in the first place. I always wanted a Omnichord. Still do.

@steveoath I might get on that too. Thanks for the suggestion

The Omnichord is a magnificent instrument. Bit of a one trick pony and I was lusting after a digital piano at the time so it had to go. Would love to get one again one day.

I did sample it first and made a Reason Refill if you’re interested:


Have you had a look at the omnichords modded by folktek? They’re definitely on my wish list. (As well as an illuminist garden)!


Dam that is incredible

Also thanks so much for the hookup @ghostly606. I don’t use reason atm but have a mate that would love the sample. Legend.

I do have the samples as WAVs on some hard drive somewhere, will upload if I stumble across them.

@ghostly606 thanks, that would be awesome.

Also it should be noted that this kordbot is funded and already on their third stretch goal.

OP1 functionality confirmed!!!
Midi hosting functionality confirmed!

This is killer.
Get on this

I have to second on what thebitw is saying.

This is a very, very interesting companion to the OP-1 doing away with some of the MIDI troubles and extending on the current feature set of the OP. I am not sure yet, if it will have velocity sensitive keys (Bradley of islainstruments in one facebook post said it will be velocity sensitive, but it does not show up in the specs.)

What do you mean by “OP1 functionality” @thebitw? That the Kordbot has USB Host? Or maybe the mobile Kickstarter website isn’t showing me something.

It is a USB host, I think is what he means.

Mighty tempted, looks very cool!

Whoa, been looking for a Kenton or iconnectmidi, if this will work as a USB host it’s a no brainier. Just noticed on the page it has midi in out and acts as a USB host. Nuts!

one of the next stretch goals is said to be a LiPo battery. let’s see if this really happens :wink:

@Opty yeah agreed. This stretch goal of 150K will include a 2.8" colour display which displays key, chord and idi cc information plus double drum/memory pads and the ability to choose chord inversions on the fly. Reallly hoping the stretch goal is met. Its already a sick machine, but this would make it even better.

@Virtual_Flannel did you get one? Yeah the midi features on this device are amazing. It serves as the all in one that I have needed and thought about rigging up myself. For the price of it at the moment, its too good to pass on.

@KrisM and @ghostly606 exactly. They are very responsive on their FB page if you have questions. Usually respond within the hour.

Get on this. This device plus the OP1 is going to be amazing.

@thebitw kinda hard to drop 250$ when i see that early bird price I flaked out on. I asked about OP-1 host on FB, they responded, they have plans for USB a mode and it shouldn’t be much trouble. But from my understanding it is not yet implemented, so if you are buying for that feature might be good to wait.

i made a lemur template that is pretty similar to this. chord memoryssssssssssss are dope

@docshermsticks hook me up with the template. Please!!

I guess it’s the same arguement as everyone who claims an ipad can do what an OP1 can do. It’s nicer to have that tactile feel, especially when experimenting and creating new material. At the end of the day, as long as we are all having a blast making chunes, it doesnt matter the equipment we use. And if this Kordbot gives me the freedom to create a progression easier meaning I can focus on other areas of my production I’m all for it. Give me those catchy chord progressions and that top 100 spot.

@Virtual_Flannel I rigged my OP1 up to ableton and created something a virtual Kordbot with the specs they have given us with different midi I/Os. At the basic level it can be done working through a DAW which could still be handy in a studio set up. However I think it’s pretty clear that it will be possible to use Kordbit + OP1 stand alone from what they have discussed on FB and Kickstarter page. If the Lipo battery stretch goal isn’t made, they will make a slot for AA batteries (according to their kickstarter page).
…what’s an extra $250 to cure a little GAS