Lego wheels as knob grips

I saw this in a video and thought it was rather clever. Anyone know which Lego wheel works for this?

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i’ve been using lego wheels on mine for a couple years. they are nice.

i think its like the medium small wheels. not the real small ones.
i bought a pretty cheap truck or something like that. it was <$10 prolly.

the lego part written on the wheels i’m using is 87697

Perfect. Thanks!

Great idea guys! Raided the kids’ toybox today:


  • Orange is a small wheel, doesn't quite fit but stretches over ok. Ok feel. (number too small to make out)
  • Green is a bigger wheel, seems like a loose fit but actually grips the encoder perfectly. Great size and smooth to the touch. Can edit parameters with one finger, almost perfect I'd say. Code 28290.
Need to find more of the 28290. :)

Hmmmm, found an 87697 @docshermsticks / @el_wombato and it is too loose. Here’s a quick YT vid:

Green = 28290
Orange = 87697

Quite surprised there is variation in LEGO stuff, their Quality Control is in my experience pretty top notch.

Do you think they’ll notice?!


I got a smaller wheel from a friend and it fit perfectly. The number is 92409. It’s a bit shallow, so it’s not as ideal. I tried the more “standard” tire wheels and they were too loose. I did not check the number on those

@ghostly606: lol, no chance they’ll notice! Great idea, going to get hold of some 28290.

Do you think they'll notice?!


That actually looks really cool, great info and idea.

Great idea!

For me, the 87697 is quite loose as well, but both the 92409 as well as the 50951 work fine, even for the volume knob

ha thats weird, mine fit great. still hugged tight 87697

wonder if yalls are used? maybe a lil stretched out from pulling on/off axels?

mine were freshy fresh

didn’t realize there were so many different types of wheels.

i think i even saw like a specific wheel kit u can buy.

um, guys_mg_4227_3

um, guys_mg_4227_3

Is that cheaper than free? ;)

I know the shaft kit exists. That’s the opposite of a grip and costs $15

I bought a cheap ATV toy off eBay and it’s perfect

I know the shaft kit exists. That's the opposite of a grip and costs $15

I bought a cheap ATV toy off eBay and it’s perfect

Can you link me that atv toy! Might grab one myself

I found it I think…

@MirEko that is exactly it

I own the brick shafts as well and have done some amazing stuff both with the power functions (motors) as well as mindstorms NXT, but this is simpler and yet effective, in order to be able to use only one finger to turn a knob (and eventually move two with one hand)

Picked this up for $6 today - works great! (They’re 28290 wheels)