:: Lets Collaborate and Listen ::

I haven’t seen any threads relating to member collaborations, so let’s start one here.

If you suffer from incomplete songs as much as I do, why don’t we do pass are projects along to each other?

Preliminary ground rules:

(Member input needed)

1.) Always give artist//member credit and site accordingly
2.) Link all uploaded sites back to operator-1.com

Would anyone be into this?

I’d be keen to give it a try

the question is… who will begin?

Funny @Kites I was thinking the same thing today!

I’ll probably upload some tracks on Dropbox to get things rolling. What would be the best format for everyone?

Nice @dimi3, what else should we add to the rules?

funny I was thinking localized collaborations… I still have not forgotten the meet up stuff I am looking into that. But this is more if people jam and develop together more production might come out of it.

Rules? only one… respect!

i’m game.

Also, made me think of another possible idea. How about an Exquisite Corpse type battle/collab? We pass it on to the next person who can only make a small change to the music, and then that gets passed on. We document and save all the states of it?

intriguing @formatk

Must be zeitgeist, because I was just thinking yesterday, if I win another battle I was going to force collaborations on all the combatants, lol.

P.S. One time, over on iCompositions.com, we did an event called “inappropriate artist collaborations” Anyone interested put their name in a hat and the curator paired you with someone whose musical style was totally different than yours. I got paired with a guy who added bluesy accoustic guitar and vocals to a track bed I gave him with synths and beats. It was very cool IMO (you can listen here: http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=80928 ). So, I highly recommend people work on some collabs here. I think the results are always fresh directions we’d never go on our own.

There was an attempt at a collaboration on ohpeewon a long time ago. People each got one tape track to work with and passed it on. It was a bit chaotic in that one person might try to cram a whole song on one tape track and leave little room on the other three tracks. I tried one, adding layers to someone else’s ideas. I passed it on and never saw it change or evolve. I don’t think any of the tracks made it past their second home. Not to dump on this idea- I like it and gave it a try before- but we might just need some more focused rules or time frames.

Good point @lymtronics even though 5 pairs completed their tracks on iComp, the person running the competition never followed up, closed the voting, or announced a winner. It seemed so anticlimactic.

I also like the idea and would be interested to give it a go.

Perhaps it might work if somebody had an unfinished track and a rough idea about the direction they wanted it to go with it. Then they could appeal to the community and say “I’ve got some rocking drums here but am having a hard time adding melodic elements” or “I’ve got an instrumental backing track and would love to hear how it might sound with some vocals”.

I’ll take some rocking drums, please!

i think you’re probably right in the engagement thing, it’s a bit of a beast to control I guess. But yeah, I’m up for some collaborations. I like the name in the hat idea too. maybe chuck in a randomly picked theme or rule too?!

I mostly do ambienty/berlin schooly sort of stuff, though as the Christmas compilation shows not always heh. I’m in the middle of working on a track for the next Ambient Online album, so I’m not too sure how much I’d be available until late August/early September.

Unless someone wanted in on that, of course :stuck_out_tongue: And I might not even make that seeing how I have a wedding coming up >.>

Yes! The ideas are starting to trickle out now. I’m open to having these collabs move in several directions, but for my purposes I think it would be more simple to work in small teams. Then what if we did team battles?

@tribrix thanks for that link, I’ll definitely be checking that out.

Lol teambattles how awesome. National teams, intercontinental teams, genre teams. Sounds awesome. I hope there will be some oldschool three round back and forth battles. Quite excited